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Archive for November, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Here’s a quick wrap up of my weekend:

I drove for about 8.5 hours on Wednesday to get to my moms.  I left the Ville at 12:50 p.m. and arrived at 9:15 p.m.  Traffic sucked.  It was heavy traffic all the way south and then east.  Hated the entire drive.   Josie was a good girl though!

I enjoyed the few hours with mom we had before it was bedtime!  Thursday came and we went over to the house of my SIL’s family.  I got to meet some of her other brothers and their wives or significant others.  It was awesome meeting my nephew’s cousins and aunts and uncles.

We ate ourselves silly, laughed a lot and had a great time, over all.

Friday came and mom and I just kind of hung out at the apartment and then went over to my brother’s house to visit some more.  We were there all afternoon and most of the evening.  My brother is THE BOMB in the kitchen and he cooked us yummy dinner.

We had also done a little shopping on Friday – just at a few of the Walmart’s.  I was on a search for my coffee, Don Francisco Vanilla Nut.  They don’t carry it here in the Ville, that I know of – I can’t find it anywhere.   We didn’t find it Friday.

Saturday, we slept in and then headed over to my brother’s house again.  This time, stopping at a different grocery store and I FOUND MY COFFEE!!!!  I bought five cans of it.  I cleaned their shelves of it, but I got my coffee!!!  YAY!!!

I was in bed and asleep by 10:30 p.m. last night and up at 4am today for the long drive back.   I got home around 1:30 and started laundry and unpacking from the trip.   I’ve also started going through my closet and my drawers.   I’m going to take a bunch of stuff to the women’s shelter here in town and donate it all.

I’m going to be moving VERY soon and so I have to thin this stuff out quickly!

Until next time…

Perfect timing

As everyone knows, I’ve been facing some unpaid furlough at work, along with the Mayor asking all Unions to give up the 2% raise we got in July – starting January 1.   It will most likely happen because he is dangling the State Incentive pay in front of their noses and the SI pay is much more important than the civilian/clerical 2% raise.  (So I’ve been told)

I’ve been trying to come up with a financial plan that will get me through this crappy economy stuff and things seem to be happening at the perfect time.

I canceled my $25 per paycheck into deferred comp (401K) and I’ve asked for a one bedroom apartment at my complex.   There is a one bedroom coming available in the next few weeks!  I’ll get the exact date on Monday after I get off work to find out when I will be having to move.   I’m not looking forward to moving, however, I am looking forward to the less rent thing!

There is no washer/dryer in the unit, however, I’m sure I’ll be OK using a laundry mat or the laundry room there at the complex.

Mom is sending me home with a bunch of boxes she has and then when I get home I’ll be packing stuff up for real this time.  I was just kind of half-assing it before.  But now it’s time I take this shit seriously and pack it all up.

Unfortunately, it’s going to interrupt my travel plans in the next few weeks.  I had planned to go to Indy this next weekend for a GA function and to visit Miss Monique.  This trip is most likely canceled so I can pack stuff and if needed, move.

The following week is Miss Monique’s party and I can NOT miss that!  I’m hoping I move before that or right after.  I won’t miss that party.  Even if I just have to drive up for the party and then turn around and go back to the Ville the same day.   I won’t miss that party.

Today is going to be a day of almost nothing.   I am planning on getting up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow to start the drive home.  They are calling for rain/snow up in the Ville and I’d like to make it home before the storm hits.

I’ve had a GREAT visit with my family so far and mom and I are going over to my brothers in a bit to visit some more.   The girls have not let me sleep very well since I’ve been here and it’s upsetting to me, but I expected it.  Josie and Chloe have this habit of running in and bugging the people sleeping in other rooms.

On her own, Josie would just lay down next to me and sleep.   The same thing can be said for Chloe.  And even when I had them both by myself, they would lay down and not move for the night.  But when there are people sleeping in the other room, they feel this uncontrollable compulsion to bug the crap out of us, even while we are trying to sleep.

I heard that Plaxico Burress of the Giants shot himself in the leg while at a nightclub last night.  First of all, how stupid is he for shooting himself?  Second, what the hell was he doing with a gun at a nightclub?  Idiot.

I’m glad the drama in Mumbai is over, however, I’m upset that so many people lost their lives over this.  Stupid terrorists.  Fuckers.

On that note, I’m going to go chase Chloe around the apartment and wear her ass out.

Until next time…

Black Friday withdrawals?

I went shopping once on Black Friday.  While I did not enjoy the experience so much, I’ve been jonesing to go again.

If I had money to spend, I’d be out there right now with all the other crazy Georgians.   Macy’s is having some kick ass sales and that was my turning point on whether I wanted to go or not!   They were advertising this AWESOME down comforter for $39.99, which was like $150 lower than normal!!!!  It got me thinking I wanted to be out there experiencing and taking advantage of these sales!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.   We went to my SIL’s moms house.  It was awesome spending time with my nephews and my brother and SIL.  It was also wonderful to get to meet her family.  I had met her mom, dad and one of her sisters and one of her brothers (he’s on my friend’s list on Facebook), but I had not gotten to meet her nieces and nephews and other brothers and sisters.

I got to hang out with my cuddly nephew, Middle J.   He loves snuggling and I take advantage of that!

Breakfast is done, so I’m going to go get my grub on!

Until next time….

A boyfriend for everyday of the week

I’ve come up with a plan.  I’ve decided I’m going to have a boyfriend for each platoon day.   Platoon 1 day will absolutely, without a doubt be Major Hottie.  For Platoon 2 day?  I’ve chosen my new boyfriend and no, it’s not Most Beautiful Man on Earth.   I am going to call him The Captain.  Captain Hottie?  Hottie Captain?   Although I know the reason I’m attracted to this guy (he reminds me of my High School Sweetheart), I’ve chosen him as my P2 day.

Now I just need to choose a boyfriend for Platoon 3 day.  And then I’m also thinking of separating it by districts too.  So I’d have a different boyfriend in each platoon AND in each district.  Hmmm  decisions decisions!

I made it to Georgia last night at exactly 9:11 p.m.  At least, that’s when I moved my car to the parking spots here by mom’s apartment.   It was a long, tedious drive.   I estimated 58.9 miles per hour on the drive and it took me exactly 8.5 hours.   I hate that drive.  Good thing the end result is awesome and I get to spend time with family at the end of it.

The Sergeant was right, it was all downhill on the map!

Mom and I are watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – it’s like a tradition or something.

I found a website about mesothelioma and it’s just disturbing for me to read. I hate the C word.

Chloe and Josie are playing around right now – it’s just like old times with Chloe bullying Josie.  Not quite as badly as she used too though.  I think Josie got quite used to NOT having Chloe around.

I woke up with a horrible sinus headache and congestion.  It’s slowly going away though, thanks to my Allerclear from Costco.

Mom and I are slowly getting ready to head over to the house of my SIL’s mom.   There are going to be quite a few people there today, along with my family.   I can’t wait to get my grub on!

I hope all my American friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Until next time…

Thankful day

As the Thanksgiving holidays are upon us, I’d like to take a few minutes before I go to work to say thank you to all of my wonderful friends.

You have been there for me through thick and thin. You accept me and love me anyway with all of my faults and all of my dramas. It’s mutual, that’s for sure!

I’m slowly getting ready for a very short day at work. I’ll be working until about noon and then coming back here to pack up the car and hit the road. I have a long drive ahead of me, but well worth it in the long run! I’ll get to see my mom and my nephews and my brother and my SIL. YAY!

My feet are still hating me this morning, but not as much as they were last night. I’ll be wearing flat, comfy shoes today. I promise you that!

Josie is acting strangely again. She was feeling better and now, I don’t know what is up with her. I’m going to have to get her into the vet when we get home from Georgia next week. Until then, I’ll just keep an eye on her and give her a baby aspirin here and there.

Until next time…

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It’s all downhill on the map

I killed my feet. They are dead. It hurts to put any kind of weight on them. This is what happens when you wear boots 3.5 inches high for the first time to work!!! OMFG I don’t know what I was thinking.

However, they were awesome for my ego and the reaction I got from some of the people I work with.

This afternoon, Major Hottie and his driver came to visit me. Yes, you read that right. He has a driver. How cool is that shit? Drives him EVERYWHERE while he’s on duty.

But I digress, they came to visit me and we were joking and laughing in my office about stuff. We talked about my 8+ hour drive tomorrow down to Georgia and The Sergeant says “It’s all downhill on the map.” I think the shock I felt showed on my face because Major Hottie changed the subject quickly.

It’s all downhill on the map OMFG. Why had I never thought of that? It’s all downhill from here people!!!

I’ve packed most of my stuff for the trip. I’m taking one small suitcase and a duffel bag for the shoes, toiletries, brushes, Josie’s stuff, etc. I have my old computer in a plastic container thingy to put in my trunk to take to my brother and SIL.

Oh back to my swooning. I giggle like a kid when I’m around Major Hottie. I know I don’t stop smiling. My cheekbones HURT after he leaves my office and I try to stop smiling so much. It’s this stupid cheesy grin. Just ask Miss Laci, she’s seen it.

During our conversation and MH asking me how long my drive was, he actually (out loud) said the days of the week/weekend I would be gone. And then said he would see me Monday. Hmmm guess I’m not the only one tracking the days we are there at the same time.

Oh, did I mention it was windy today? Hmmm-mmm windy. I wore a skirt. Just thought you should know how COLD I was. It was like having (as The Winker put it) central air conditioning in the winter.

Until next time…

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One dimensional?

I was having an email conversation with mah bitches when I realized how my blog can sometimes seem one dimensional. I also realized how some people when reading my blog would think this is all I’m about.

While my blog is my place to bitch about life, it’s also to lament the good times. I share what I feel like sharing (and like Miss Laci says – I don’t have a filter for that stuff most of the time), but this blog is not all there is to me. I’m much funnier in person (no, really, I am!)

I started thinking about how this blog would be perceived by someone who “knows” me, but has never really “accepted” me. I can think of a few GA people in Vegas and it makes me sad.

One person even thought they knew how I felt about living where I live after reading a week’s worth of posts when I couldn’t find a job, in April. Ummm yeah. Months have passed, I’ve found a job I enjoy (even when it’s hard and I want to blow up the office where Trainer sits), and I’m getting adjusted to life here.

I told a friend recently that as long as my side of the street is clean and I continue to take out the toxins and trash in my life, I’m golden. As I continue to do the next right thing, no one can touch me. They can try. They may even push a few buttons and piss me off, but I know who I am. I know what I stand for and I know what I’m all about.

On that note, I have to bitch. I do NOT want to go to the GA meeting tonight. This means I am going to be dragging my ass out into the cold, rainy, windy weather because I know I need the meeting.

Whenever I don’t WANT to go to a meeting, I make sure I go because that’s when I can get back into my isolationism and I’m tired of isolating.

Most Beautiful Man on Earth had a meeting today at the office. Ummm, he came into my office to say hello. While I enjoy looking at this man and I enjoy the jolly ranchers he brought me, he’s not allowed to come into the office specifically to say hello to me. He wears a gold wedding ring and I don’t go there.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see Major Hottie today. However, tomorrow is Platoon 1 day and I’ll be rocking the kick ass boots I have with the skirt suit I found at Dillards for like 75% off!

I’ve promised the girls that if I give him a heart attack from looking so hawt, I will give him mouth to mouth. And then, maybe that would make the other Platoons warm up to me the way Platoon 3 has after my “I’m really not a wimp” face I wore while getting that shot. We’ll see!

Until next time…

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Please remind me….

To never do that again on a work night!!!! Holy cow! Not only was I quite tipsy last night, I am quite hungover this morning. I’ve had worse hangovers though, so I’m not feeling like I’m going to die. But I do feel quite icky and sluggish.

I had fun last night though. I got to spend 2 hours with mah boyfriend Jack Bauer and during the commercials, I emailed and Twittered like a fool. It’s all good.

Thankfully I am not an angry or mean drunk, I’m just a talkative one. And I’m talkative as it is, I don’t need alcohol to help me with that.

I’m going to be stopping at Burger King on the way to work to get me some hangover breakfast food. Hopefully that will help me feel a little better.

This week at work is going to be slow. Co Worker and I are going to be the only two there in our office and we’ve pretty much caught up all our projects. I’ll have to find something to do. Which I’m sure will not be hard, considering most everything is still done on paper and I can start converting to Excel or Word spreadsheets and documents.

The Military leave stuff is still tracked on index cards (WTF?!) and I’ve been meaning to finish converting those to an Excel spreadsheet.

My allergies are pretty bad here. I’m wondering if there are Mulberry trees here that I don’t know about. I’ve always been allergic to those.

I’m going to go finish getting ready. I’m supposed to go in early today to make up time so I can leave early Wednesday. TTFN

Until next time…

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My boyfriend’s back and there’s gonna be trouble

MAH BOYFRIEND IS BACK!!!!! I have spent the last hour and 18 minutes drooling over Jack Bauer and all his glory. I am not going to review it, I don’t want to ruin it for those who have not seen it.

I’m drunk blogging, by the way. I’ve had three, going on four, Molson Ice beers. For those that have known me for awhile, you will know I LUFF me some Molson Ice beer. I also love me some Jack Bauer.

I found Molson Ice in Walmart. Please understand this is the FIRST time since living in Kentucky that I have found Molson Ice. It’s my most favorite of beers to consume. I love Rolling Rock and Amstel Light, but there is something about Molson Ice that just rawks my socks. I swear.

I have this converter of protected music formats on my computer and I’m unhappy with it. I’m happy with the concept of the program. It takes those iTunes MPEG4 things and turns them into MP3’s so I can make a beautiful disc full of 700mb of my music to listen to in the car. But it makes me unhappy because it crashes my computer if I try to convert more than 3 songs at a time and if I’m running another program at the same time (basically I need to ONLY be converting music to make it work right). It displeases me.

I realized why I have such an aversion to asking Major Hottie out. I discussed this with Baby Bitch over our few hours we hung out yesterday. When I lived in Las Vegas, I was the aggressor. I ALWAYS asked guys out. I ALWAYS made the first move.

Since I moved here, in part, to change who I am, I refuse to be the aggressor in relationships. I refuse to make the first move. I’ve made it known and obvious that I like the man, the ball is in his court.

It’s amazing how when I’m hanging out with one of mah girls, I have these moments of clarity that have absolutely nothing to do with fear or regret, they just have to do with me not wanting to be the same person I was at a different time.

I’m really excited about the next few weeks in Sodapop’s world. I get to travel to Georgia to be with my family at Thanksgiving. A week after that, I’m going to Indy to spend time with Miss Monique AND spend time with my GA friends and family. The week after that, I’m going BACK to Indy for a party at Miss Monique’s.

I’ll get to be meeting Jade for the first time!!!! We are going to drink, be merry and snort while laughing together. I won’t feel so different having her there. She tells me she snorts when she laughs too. This is a good thing for a fellow snorter.

Karl mentioned I should do a video post since I’m drunk blogging. *le sigh* I would love to do that, however, my webcam is broke beyond repair (as far as I know anyway) so I can’t do that. Maybe when I get another webcam.

I got to meet Geeky Tai Tai yesterday, I know I mentioned it. It was awesome meeting her! Miss Laci and I got to ask all kinds of questions about the bloggers we want to meet!

Here is a list of the people we talked about (yeah, we gossiped about you, it’s cause we love you)

Miss Britt

Dave2 @ Blogography

Hilly @ Snackipoo


Karl @ Secondhand Tryptophan that I’ve already linked too in this post.

It’s difficult linking to people after four of these yummilicious beers.

We also discussed Avitable’s Halloween party. I so wanted to go this past year, and hopefully I’ll be able to travel to it for the next party!

I also want to make TequilaCon and any other get together of bloggers that are near me. I love meeting new people and I think getting together will people of like mind (even those of not like mind) is incredibly fun and entertaining.

There are so many bloggers I want to meet. If I don’t link to you, please don’t be offended, just know that I’m quite tipsy (read: drunk) and don’t have the energy in my numbed fingers to link to you.

The new female President on 24 has a haircut that bothers me. It’s like a bowl on her head. It’s more like a football helmet really. *le sigh*

I could keep writing, but I think my drunk ass has had enough. I’m going to finish the last 5 minutes of 24 Redemption and then go to sleep. With my luck, I’ll be hung over in the morning when my alarm goes off at 5am. OY.

Until next time….

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My list of things to do today

I have this long list of things I need to do today, since I wasn’t home a lot yesterday and when I was, I was just sitting around doing nothing but converting music and playing games on Crackbook.

I’ve started my laundry. I need to go to the grocery store and get a few things to last me until I leave for Georgia for Thanksgiving.

I’m not going to be getting much at the store since I’ll be gone for 4 and 1/2 days anyway, but I do need a few things.

I also need to go to the post office to ship a few things I’ve sold on ebay. For the life of me, I can’t seem to sell my 24 collection. I’ve lowered the price so many times, I’ll just keep lowering until I sell it.

After reading a few reviews of the movie Twilight, I finally figured out what was making me feel so “meh” about the whole experience. The development of the relationship between Bella and Edward was nonexistent in the movie. There was nothing about the obsession, the passion, the heart stopping, the breath catching in her throat when she saw him. It just wasn’t there. I missed that. I missed it because THAT is what Bella and Edward were about.

Oh, and the actor they got to play Jacob? Ummm yeah, not a good choice.

I woke up not feeling well again this morning. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. My ear ache went away, my headaches went away but today I’m feeling congested and goopy in the eyes and nose. Fucking allergies!

I saw some fat burners called Apidexin online today. Strange. I don’t trust those fat burners.

I’m going to go finish watching Fast and the Furious (cause Vin Diesel is just hot hot hot) and relax a bit before starting my outside adventures to the store and what not.

Until next time…

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