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Archive for December, 2008

I can’t believe how girly I am

I’ve always known I was a “girly girl.”  I do not like physical labor.  I do not like digging in dirt, lifting heavy things or fixing things.  Period.  I just don’t like it.

Every now and then, I surprise even myself at some of my thinking.  I had been freaking out about the bedroom thing and then MH came up with a GREAT idea.   Maybe I could get a tape measure and measure everything.  WOW!

His idea included drawing stuff and making a paper template and all this other stuff.  I told him he lost me at measuring.  Measuring, I can handle that!

I went to the apartment right after work and measured the walls in the bedroom, as well as the living room and dining room.   The bedroom furniture WILL fit – albeit snuggly – into that bedroom.  The only thing of the bedroom stuff that I won’t be able to fit is the bed frame, headboard and footboard.  Those items will go into the storage room on the patio until my brother can come get them.

OK, so right after the “maybe if you measure it” conversation with MH, I told him my brain is just not wired to think that way.  The stuff he suggested were so….manly.   I told him “LOL that is such a guy thing to do!”  And then after I did the measuring and found out it would fit, I told him he rocked for helping calming me down.  Yeah.  He rocks.

I’ve started to pack the kitchen stuff I’m not using and it’s a pain in the ass.  I hate it.  Although tomorrow is my last day of work until Monday of next week, I’m going to be busy busy this whole week!  Thursday, I will be doing laundry (since I’m losing the washer and dryer – want to get em done!) and then moving some of my stuff.  I’ll be settling in and unpacking the entire weekend, that’s for sure.

Have I mentioned I love my new bathroom? I also love the bathroom light fixtures in there. It’s going to be so awesome getting ready in that bathroom!

I’m going to go dry my hair now.  I colored it tonight – so I could get rid of the half inch of gray I had.

Until next time…

My heart is aflutter.

The List 2008

At the end of my crappy day yesterday, I got the surprise and wonderful pleasure of finding out I made THE LIST!!! Well.  ONE of the lists, anyway!

NYC Watchdog is compiling different lists for 2008.  I have the honor of being listed with Miss Ann and Hilly and Dave2!!!  Can you believe it!!!! I made a list.  The same list as Miss Ann, Hilly and Dave2!!!!

I can’t tell you how honored it made me feel.  Dawg was one of the first blogs I read when I came into the blogosphere.  It makes me giddy and feeling mushy inside!  YAY me!!!!

And now I’m off to work, for Platoon 3 day and trying to figure out how to fit a 6 foot long dresser, 5 drawer chest of drawers, queen size bed with huge four poster headboard/footboard, made of cherry wood into my new bedroom this Friday.   Oh yeah, and a nightstand!  YAY!

Until next time…

How Libra am I really?

Have you ever wondered what makes you tick?  I always wonder what makes me tick and I’m always on the look out for reasons and answers.

I found this information over on and their astrology pages.

I am a Libra and here are a few of my answers:

Libra – Overview

Charming Libra – the seventh sign of the zodiac. Libra stands for harmony, fairness, equality, and balance. You are considered to be the most civilized and polite member of the zodiac, because you always display an even-tempered and composed attitude

Normally, I am a very even-tempered person and I’m always composed – especially at work.  I actually get compliments at work, I am always happy – if not sometimes stressed about the work, but I am always smiling there  when people come into my office.

Libra – Ruling Planet

Your ruler Venus – the planet of love, sex, and beauty – influences you to strive to create harmony, to express and show affection, and to accommodate and please others. Its romantic, sensual, and seductive energy makes you a suave and relationship-oriented person.

Uhhh yeah.  I am very affectionate and I am always looking for that center of harmony in all of my relationships.  However, “accommodate and please others” makes me think of my people pleasing defect of character hahaha

Libra – Element

Libra is the second of the air signs, giving you the ability to stand back and look impartially at all matters, always seeing and considering both sides before arriving at a decision. You are sociable, tactful, and have great empathy for others, which makes you a much sought-after mate, especially since you are so refreshingly energetic, loving, and honest.

I think this being impartial characteristic is my favorite thing.  I tend to look at all sides of a situation before jumping the gun and sometimes I’ve been wrong.  Most of the time?  I’m dead on and I call it like I see it.   I am very social and I love socializing!

Libra – House

Your sign rules the seventh house of the horoscope, the sector associated with other people who act as your mirror. Therefore, it describes the nature of your relationships, both business and personal, as well as your experiences with marriage and partnerships.

I have several friends who are my “mirrors”  They keep me straight and focused on doing the next right thing.

Libra – Mode

Your sign’s mode is cardinal, meaning that you actively try to improve and work on your relationships by reaching out, making compromises, and inspiring trust in them.

Now this one, I’m all over it.  This is how I do things.  Especially at work there.  I spend a lot of time in that office, I might as well make it just as harmonious, if not more, than my home.

Libra – Strengths

Your strengths, dear Libra, lie in your diplomatic approach to dealing with others. Your strong sense of fairness makes you the perfect mediator and peacemaker, because you always manage to stay objective and consider all points of view before making a decision.

Ahhh diplomacy.  I’ve been told I know how to tell someone they are being a douche without coming right out and calling them a douche.  It’s an art form, I think.  I have been known to shame people without meaning to shame them – simply because I can be diplomatic when others lose their shit.

Libra – Weaknesses

But even you have weaknesses, dear charming Libra! For example, you can be frivolous and decadent, and place value on the superficial. Sometimes, especially when you are indecisive, you can be vague, shallow, and insincere. In certain situations, you are tempted to define “fairness” to your own advantage.

Superficial?  Doubtful.  Frivolous and decadent?  Absolutely!  I’m rarely shallow or insincere, but I can be vague (just not on this blog it seems hahaha).

I’m still kind of freaking out about the whole bedroom thing at the new apartment.  I’ll figure it out.  If I don’t figure it out, I’m sure someone will!  LOL  Suggestions are welcome!

Until next time…

Oh I’m in trouble now!

I signed the papers for the new apartment, got the keys and went over there.  My first impression?  Graffiti on the wall on the inside of the building.  Klassy.

I entered the apartment and immediately turned right into the bedroom.  Oh boy.  I’m in trouble with my bedroom furniture.  There is NO WAY my furniture will fit in there.  We’ll be lucky to get the dresser and chest of drawers in there with the bed w/out the frame and headboard.  However, I’m going to have to figure something out cause it’s not like I have another bedroom set sitting around to use.  Ya know?

I love the bathroom MUCH more than this one.  It doesn’t have the long drawn out mini hallway into the actual bathroom.  You walk into the bathroom and you are in the bathroom.  No little mini halls to walk.  It’s brighter and more open.  I liked it immediately.

The living room seems bigger and more open than this one.  The dining room area is actually off of the kitchen.  The kitchen that has more counter space!!!!! I’m quite pleased with the lay out of that apartment – just the bedroom vexes me.

I may have more problems with neighbors there than I do here.  I walked out onto the patio area and there are beer cans on the ground just outside.  Someone has also been smoking cigars in the common area – I could smell it and there is a bottle of water at the top of the stairs with butts in it.  *le sigh*

Going from “almost ghetto” to full blown ghetto is not what I had in mind.  However, I will deal with it for the year of my lease and go from there.

I was going to start taking stuff over there today, but I’ve decided I’m too tired, emotionally wiped out and hungry to move anything yet.  I’ll move stuff tomorrow.

I had another post almost ready to go – about how Libra I really am.  It’ll have to wait until later.

Until next time…

How to hose payroll 101

I can not begin to tell you how I’m feeling right now.  I am home, I am enjoying an ice cold beer and I’m watching the Cowboys get spanked by the Eagles.  I don’t like the Eagles.  I don’t like the Cowboys either.

Today, I got to work at 9:15 and proceeded to fuck up the payroll for several people.  Now, it’s fixed, so I can’t beat myself up too much.  But, if you want a lesson on how to fuck up payroll, just ask me.  I’ll give you a list of how I did it and you can follow suit.

100 entries of what I did last week was lost.  I failed to submit the “session” of keying I did.   The Trainer had to go back in and re-enter all 100 of those entries.  *le sigh*  Oh yeah.

I was near tears.  I could not believe I didn’t submit that session!  It was, however, the worst error in payroll that I have committed in the last 6.5 months!  YAY for learning lessons!

The best part of this day?  Several text message conversations with MH.  THAT will make my day anyday of the week.

I told him how badly I hosed payroll and I was going to go home and have a few beers.  It was/is a multiple beer type of day.  He seemed to approve of this activity.  I jokingly told him that if I end up drunk texting him tonight, to just ignore me.  He told me it would be okay and he would talk to me later.  Huh.

I have successfully gotten MBMoE to leave me alone for the last two days.  It’s been beautiful too, let me tell ya!

I’m looking forward to signing the lease and getting the keys to the new apartment tomorrow.  I looked at the floor plan online and it looks like its lay out is much better than this one.   Here’s to hoping!  Either way, I’ve determined I’m going to like the place.

I’m going to go enjoy my beer and relax.  I can feel the tension in my shoulders and down my back.  It’s horrid.  I hate making huge mistakes like that.

Until next time…

It can be dangerous….

This whole packing thing can be quite dangerous!!!  I started packing up my closet (ie:  shoes, hats, purses, etc) shelves and I twisted my left knee!!!  OMFG!  I’m in so much pain, I’m near tears.  But I’m still working on the packing thing.

I’m in full panic mode now that my moving day is less than a week away!

I couldn’t get into the doctor yesterday and when I stopped by the Immediate Care Center, it was about a 4 hour wait.  I didn’t wait.  My throat still feels weird, but I’m not any worse than I was yesterday.

I’m currently listening to my iTunes on shuffle.  I have a strange collection of music.  LOL

Josie is going batshit crazy cause I’ve been packing clothes and what not.  She doesn’t realize that we are moving and I’m not leaving her.  She will calm down once I get her into the other apartment and we get settled.

I’m going to go over there Monday after getting the keys and check out the size of the bedroom.  I don’t know if my furniture will fit in there.  This concerns me because then I don’t know what I’ll do with it since I don’t have a second room to put it in.

If it’s too small, I’ll put the bed frame in the storage room thing until my brother can come get it or something.  Without the bed frame, the dresser and the chest of drawers would definitely fit in my room right now.  But with the frame and headboard/footboards?  Not so much.

I took some advil for my knee and I’m hoping that helps.  I’m trying to take it easy on the knee and not over do it.  Right.  I’m sure that will turn out really well considering the panic mode I’m in!  LOL

Until next time….

I made it!

I made it through the day yesterday and I only cried once!  I cried while I was on the phone with my brother yesterday morning.  He kind of fussed at me and got me laughing.   I was feeling sad and lonely since I was not there watching my nephews open presents or just hanging out with my family.

After I talked to my brother, nephews, SIL, dad and mom (three different phone calls) and then GB, I finished getting ready to go over to Manager Lady’s house for Christmas festivities.

I got there around 1pm and I was there until 7pm or so.   I had such a good time with ML and her family.  They are funny people, as well as being really welcoming and accepting of having a non-family member there in their midst.

I ate, drank and was very merry!  Manager Lady had been talking about this “brandy milk punch” for weeks that her family drinks on Christmas.  While brandy and milk in the same drink does not sound appealing to the masses, I have to say it was tasty.   I had two full glasses of it when I first got there and it finally wore off several hours later!   I did, however, have that “taste” in my mouth until I got home and brushed my teeth.

I had two different text conversations with MH throughout the day, which made me quite giddy.  The second conversation lasted about an hour last night as I was here at home, watching Ironman.  Ummm, yeah I need to watch Ironman again cause I was not paying attention to the movie.

I also had to spell it out a little clearer to MBMoE cause he says stuff that “platonic” friends would not say to each other.  Seriously.  I would never tell one of mah bitches that their sexy smile makes my day.  Or that I really like them a lot and have thought about them all day.  Yanno?

Since that situation is a little dangerous and I don’t want to play with fire, I am going to stop responding to a lot of his messages and the things he says.

Although, I do have to say I talked to Manager Lady a little bit about that situation, since she has known him forever and she said if I need her too, she will be the one to nip that in the bud.  LOL  She’s very protective of me, which I really like.  And she loves watching me and MH in our little “game” of getting to know each other better.

My throat is still weird, like I mentioned the other night.  It’s just gotten a little worse.  I also realized last night I was running a fever and I sweated that out while under my eleventy billion blankets on my bed.  I’ll be calling my doctor today.  If I can’t get in to see her, I’ll go to one of the Immediate Care Centers around here.

It’s beginning to hurt when I swallow and the pain/discomforted has radiated into pain in my ears!  I hate ear aches!  Loathe them!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday.

Until next time…

Oh. It’s Christmas!

It’s the night before Christmas!!!  Where did this year go?   Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hannuka(sp), or whatever other happy you are looking for.   I wish nothing more for you than love, peace and happiness.

I feel weird.  I woke up at 2:30 in the morning with the strangest sore throat I have ever had.  It’s in the front of my throat, just under my jaw and it’s not really painful, just uncomfortable.   It’s just odd.  I also have a bit of a headache that I’ve been fighting off all day.

Instead of staying home and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to head over to my friends house anyway.  I thought it would be better than being all alone on Christmas Eve, ya know?

I got lost on the way (go figure) and had to call his cell.  His daughter answered the phone and I found out that Jim is in the hospital.  He was walking the dog yesterday (during the icy rain) and he slipped, fell and hit his head.  Knocked his ass out.   I could just picture Smoky from Friday leaning over him and yelling You got knocked the fuck out!

They kept him in the hospital cause he had a concussion.  He did not want his family to tell me until I got there cause he felt that I would cancel on them if he wasn’t there.   I had a good time, even though I don’t know his family all that well, I got to know them!  Very nice peoples.  I enjoyed talking with them.

I am now home, in my jammies and watching Criminal Minds.  It’s a repeat.   I need to remember to turn my alarms off or I’ll be waking up at 4:30 in the morning!  ACK!

I’m feeling pretty lonely.  I’m just putting it out there.  Finances kept me from going to Georgia and I miss my family.  I miss them something fierce.  While I know this is the first and hopefully last Christmas in 39 years I’ve been without my mom this time of year, it makes me sad.

Until next time…

When a day turns out much better than anticipated….

Yeah.  My day went from “sitting on my pity pot and questioning myself” to HOLY COW WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER!!!!

I started this day off in a very reflective and self analytical mood (hence the password protected post from earlier).

I ended this day, grinning like an idiot, swooning and doing the happy dance when I got home cause my rent went down by $111 for the month of January!!!!

As the day was wearing on, when I’m normally set to go to lunch, I was sitting at my desk reading Cosmo.  Major Hottie comes in.  Ummm yeah.  NOT Platoon 1 day, but I was not complaining!

We chatted for a bit and then he left.

A few minutes later, I had to make a pit stop and since I, (like a lot of people who are too scared to admit it,) do a lot of thinking while on the toilet, I decided to do something totally out of character for me.

As I’m finishing up, I realized I had this incredible urge to text MH and thank him for making my day by stopping by.

Yeah.  I totally did go there.  I told him that he made my day by coming in my office to see me.

This started a text conversation that lasted about 45 minutes to an hour, sporadically.   This put that silly, swoony grin on my face.

The day also garnered another extra body to help us move my stuff.  While it might be a little uncomfortable, at first, having both MH and MBMoE helping me move, I’m sure my swooning will be noticed by at least one of them.  And I’m okay with that.

When I got home, I had my rent notice for January and that’s when the happy, giddy dancing started!

My day turned out much better than I thought it would and this makes me happy because my attitude this morning sucked ass.  I don’t know when I let it go (maybe after that other post), but once I did – holy cow!

Let go and let God.  What a concept.

Until next time…

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