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I made it!

I made it through the day yesterday and I only cried once!  I cried while I was on the phone with my brother yesterday morning.  He kind of fussed at me and got me laughing.   I was feeling sad and lonely since I was not there watching my nephews open presents or just hanging out with my family.

After I talked to my brother, nephews, SIL, dad and mom (three different phone calls) and then GB, I finished getting ready to go over to Manager Lady’s house for Christmas festivities.

I got there around 1pm and I was there until 7pm or so.   I had such a good time with ML and her family.  They are funny people, as well as being really welcoming and accepting of having a non-family member there in their midst.

I ate, drank and was very merry!  Manager Lady had been talking about this “brandy milk punch” for weeks that her family drinks on Christmas.  While brandy and milk in the same drink does not sound appealing to the masses, I have to say it was tasty.   I had two full glasses of it when I first got there and it finally wore off several hours later!   I did, however, have that “taste” in my mouth until I got home and brushed my teeth.

I had two different text conversations with MH throughout the day, which made me quite giddy.  The second conversation lasted about an hour last night as I was here at home, watching Ironman.  Ummm, yeah I need to watch Ironman again cause I was not paying attention to the movie.

I also had to spell it out a little clearer to MBMoE cause he says stuff that “platonic” friends would not say to each other.  Seriously.  I would never tell one of mah bitches that their sexy smile makes my day.  Or that I really like them a lot and have thought about them all day.  Yanno?

Since that situation is a little dangerous and I don’t want to play with fire, I am going to stop responding to a lot of his messages and the things he says.

Although, I do have to say I talked to Manager Lady a little bit about that situation, since she has known him forever and she said if I need her too, she will be the one to nip that in the bud.  LOL  She’s very protective of me, which I really like.  And she loves watching me and MH in our little “game” of getting to know each other better.

My throat is still weird, like I mentioned the other night.  It’s just gotten a little worse.  I also realized last night I was running a fever and I sweated that out while under my eleventy billion blankets on my bed.  I’ll be calling my doctor today.  If I can’t get in to see her, I’ll go to one of the Immediate Care Centers around here.

It’s beginning to hurt when I swallow and the pain/discomforted has radiated into pain in my ears!  I hate ear aches!  Loathe them!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday.

Until next time…

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