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It can be dangerous….

This whole packing thing can be quite dangerous!!!  I started packing up my closet (ie:  shoes, hats, purses, etc) shelves and I twisted my left knee!!!  OMFG!  I’m in so much pain, I’m near tears.  But I’m still working on the packing thing.

I’m in full panic mode now that my moving day is less than a week away!

I couldn’t get into the doctor yesterday and when I stopped by the Immediate Care Center, it was about a 4 hour wait.  I didn’t wait.  My throat still feels weird, but I’m not any worse than I was yesterday.

I’m currently listening to my iTunes on shuffle.  I have a strange collection of music.  LOL

Josie is going batshit crazy cause I’ve been packing clothes and what not.  She doesn’t realize that we are moving and I’m not leaving her.  She will calm down once I get her into the other apartment and we get settled.

I’m going to go over there Monday after getting the keys and check out the size of the bedroom.  I don’t know if my furniture will fit in there.  This concerns me because then I don’t know what I’ll do with it since I don’t have a second room to put it in.

If it’s too small, I’ll put the bed frame in the storage room thing until my brother can come get it or something.  Without the bed frame, the dresser and the chest of drawers would definitely fit in my room right now.  But with the frame and headboard/footboards?  Not so much.

I took some advil for my knee and I’m hoping that helps.  I’m trying to take it easy on the knee and not over do it.  Right.  I’m sure that will turn out really well considering the panic mode I’m in!  LOL

Until next time….

3 Responses to “It can be dangerous….”

  • Laci says:

    Hmm… maybe you should call Major Hottie for assistance in packing. LOL

  • at least you started packing. one of my moves when everyone arrived i was still sleeping. with NOTHING in a box. it was wild. thankfully i have a huge family who didn’t kill me.

  • Sodapop says:

    Laci: LOL

    hello haha narf: I asked the two Majors who are helping me to call me when they are on their way – so I can make sure I’m awake. LOL These are coworkers – so I don’t know that they wouldn’t kill me if they showed up and I had not packed anything yet.