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How Libra am I really?

Have you ever wondered what makes you tick?  I always wonder what makes me tick and I’m always on the look out for reasons and answers.

I found this information over on and their astrology pages.

I am a Libra and here are a few of my answers:

Libra – Overview

Charming Libra – the seventh sign of the zodiac. Libra stands for harmony, fairness, equality, and balance. You are considered to be the most civilized and polite member of the zodiac, because you always display an even-tempered and composed attitude

Normally, I am a very even-tempered person and I’m always composed – especially at work.  I actually get compliments at work, I am always happy – if not sometimes stressed about the work, but I am always smiling there  when people come into my office.

Libra – Ruling Planet

Your ruler Venus – the planet of love, sex, and beauty – influences you to strive to create harmony, to express and show affection, and to accommodate and please others. Its romantic, sensual, and seductive energy makes you a suave and relationship-oriented person.

Uhhh yeah.  I am very affectionate and I am always looking for that center of harmony in all of my relationships.  However, “accommodate and please others” makes me think of my people pleasing defect of character hahaha

Libra – Element

Libra is the second of the air signs, giving you the ability to stand back and look impartially at all matters, always seeing and considering both sides before arriving at a decision. You are sociable, tactful, and have great empathy for others, which makes you a much sought-after mate, especially since you are so refreshingly energetic, loving, and honest.

I think this being impartial characteristic is my favorite thing.  I tend to look at all sides of a situation before jumping the gun and sometimes I’ve been wrong.  Most of the time?  I’m dead on and I call it like I see it.   I am very social and I love socializing!

Libra – House

Your sign rules the seventh house of the horoscope, the sector associated with other people who act as your mirror. Therefore, it describes the nature of your relationships, both business and personal, as well as your experiences with marriage and partnerships.

I have several friends who are my “mirrors”  They keep me straight and focused on doing the next right thing.

Libra – Mode

Your sign’s mode is cardinal, meaning that you actively try to improve and work on your relationships by reaching out, making compromises, and inspiring trust in them.

Now this one, I’m all over it.  This is how I do things.  Especially at work there.  I spend a lot of time in that office, I might as well make it just as harmonious, if not more, than my home.

Libra – Strengths

Your strengths, dear Libra, lie in your diplomatic approach to dealing with others. Your strong sense of fairness makes you the perfect mediator and peacemaker, because you always manage to stay objective and consider all points of view before making a decision.

Ahhh diplomacy.  I’ve been told I know how to tell someone they are being a douche without coming right out and calling them a douche.  It’s an art form, I think.  I have been known to shame people without meaning to shame them – simply because I can be diplomatic when others lose their shit.

Libra – Weaknesses

But even you have weaknesses, dear charming Libra! For example, you can be frivolous and decadent, and place value on the superficial. Sometimes, especially when you are indecisive, you can be vague, shallow, and insincere. In certain situations, you are tempted to define “fairness” to your own advantage.

Superficial?  Doubtful.  Frivolous and decadent?  Absolutely!  I’m rarely shallow or insincere, but I can be vague (just not on this blog it seems hahaha).

I’m still kind of freaking out about the whole bedroom thing at the new apartment.  I’ll figure it out.  If I don’t figure it out, I’m sure someone will!  LOL  Suggestions are welcome!

Until next time…

5 Responses to “How Libra am I really?”

  • at a christmas eve party my friend’s uncle kept asking me if i was a libra. i would tell him i am a cancer, then later in the conversation he would look confused and say, “your a libra, right?”

    or better yet, “are you sure you aren’t a libra?”

    thanks for letting me know some of your libra traits!

  • What site did you get all this from. I have to do a post like this too dontchaknow.

  • Sodapop says:

    hello haha narf: Sounds like the friend’s uncle had too much to drink? haha or you have a lot of Libra traits! 🙂

    Miss Ann Thrope: on their astronomy astrology pages. I’ll see if I can find it and edit the post with the link. Had a brain fart and forgot to link it. heehee

  • I can’t find a single thing that shows you …overview, planet, element…the format you used to make this post.

    That page is mega confusing. I hate MSN pages. They’re always sloppy.

  • Sodapop says:

    Hmmm after I entered by birthdate, I got to a page with the different tabs with the different uniqueness of me.