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I can’t believe how girly I am

I’ve always known I was a “girly girl.”  I do not like physical labor.  I do not like digging in dirt, lifting heavy things or fixing things.  Period.  I just don’t like it.

Every now and then, I surprise even myself at some of my thinking.  I had been freaking out about the bedroom thing and then MH came up with a GREAT idea.   Maybe I could get a tape measure and measure everything.  WOW!

His idea included drawing stuff and making a paper template and all this other stuff.  I told him he lost me at measuring.  Measuring, I can handle that!

I went to the apartment right after work and measured the walls in the bedroom, as well as the living room and dining room.   The bedroom furniture WILL fit – albeit snuggly – into that bedroom.  The only thing of the bedroom stuff that I won’t be able to fit is the bed frame, headboard and footboard.  Those items will go into the storage room on the patio until my brother can come get them.

OK, so right after the “maybe if you measure it” conversation with MH, I told him my brain is just not wired to think that way.  The stuff he suggested were so….manly.   I told him “LOL that is such a guy thing to do!”  And then after I did the measuring and found out it would fit, I told him he rocked for helping calming me down.  Yeah.  He rocks.

I’ve started to pack the kitchen stuff I’m not using and it’s a pain in the ass.  I hate it.  Although tomorrow is my last day of work until Monday of next week, I’m going to be busy busy this whole week!  Thursday, I will be doing laundry (since I’m losing the washer and dryer – want to get em done!) and then moving some of my stuff.  I’ll be settling in and unpacking the entire weekend, that’s for sure.

Have I mentioned I love my new bathroom? I also love the bathroom light fixtures in there. It’s going to be so awesome getting ready in that bathroom!

I’m going to go dry my hair now.  I colored it tonight – so I could get rid of the half inch of gray I had.

Until next time…

One Response to “I can’t believe how girly I am”

  • I detest manual labor. I do not like to sweat (unless it’s for a great cause) and I can’t stand to be dirty. If my hands get dirty, I seriously start getting bitchy. I’m also not great with the technical, logistical stuff of moving such as measuring, but surprisingly enough, it does work when you do it! lol Good luck with the move! I’ll be lifting those boxes with you in spirit!