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Snow day! Errr ice day, that is!

Yesterday, we had a bit of freezing rain after the snow fell.   Over night?  We had about a half inch of ice fall over everything.  They are calling for more freezing rain for a few more hours and then snow.  3-5 inches of snow.  YAY!

I’m taking today off and will flex the time.  This means I have to make up 8 hours between now and Saturday.  I figure I’ll work a few extra hours tomorrow and Friday and whatever the remainder is, I’ll go in Saturday to make that up.

I don’t have vacation to burn so I can’t just take the day without worrying about it being unpaid or having to flex the time.  I’m glad I have the option to flex it.

Sometime in the middle of the night I heard this horrible snapping and popping sound that woke me up.  I went back to sleep almost immediately.

I found this morning that the trees behind my building as snapping and falling apart from the weight of the ice.  I’ve snapped a few pictures so far and will make sure to get more when the sun comes up and it’s a little brighter out there.

I was going to go back to sleep, but I don’t want to sleep all day, ya know?

I’m hoping my power stays on throughout the day.  They are calling for more ice, which will definitely put more pressure on the power lines and what not.  Ugh.  Cross your fingers for the power staying on!

I’m going to go have some coffee and watch the news coverage of the power outages and everything.

Until next time…

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