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It’s Friday!

Normally, I’m extremely excited that it’s Friday.  Today?  Not so much.  We have a nice new layer of snow out there this morning and I HAVE to work.  I can not take today off.  I also have to work tomorrow to make up for Wednesday.  So I’m not too excited about it being Friday.

My hands have been bugging me the last few days and I’ve been trying to figure out why the tendinitis is flaring up in my hands.

And then I remembered Tuesday morning, I drove to work at 25-30 mph gripping the steering wheel so hard I thought I’d break it.   Then on Wednesday, I took an hour and cleaned off my car of all the ice and snow.  No wonder the area between my thumb and index finger is swollen on both hands.

They hurt.  I rarely bitch about my hands hurting.  But today?  I’m bitching up a storm because it has me almost in tears.  I’ve been wearing my braces here at home when I’m not typing.  They aren’t helping.  I’ve been taking ibuprofen and tylenol in intervals.  Those aren’t helping.

Last night when I got home from work, I iced them for 15 minutes and that seemed to help a little bit.  Maybe I should just go stuff my hands in the snow for awhile?

Until next time…

One Response to “It’s Friday!”

  • Sarcastica says:

    I hate snow too, my bones ache so freakin’ much 🙁 Luckily my car is cleaned off by the menfolk in the house, and I don’t often have to drive – but the downer part is that I NEED a job and do not HAVE one (other than nannying lol) 🙁

    It needs to be spring. SOON.