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I’m a bit on the cranky side

I’ve been cranky all day.  I woke up at 6am and was out the door by 8am (yeah, I goofed off for awhile).  I was at my desk by 8:30 and miserable the entire time I was there.

I had some work I had saved from yesterday so that I would have something to do today.  I finished it before 9am.  I read two issues of Sports Illustrated and one issue of Cosmo while I was there.

I also was tempted to make a snow angel in the snow behind the firehouse.  I did not do this because I did not have a change of clothes and I didn’t want to freeze my ass off.   I chickened out.

I got home and took a two hour nap.  I’m ready to go back to sleep.  This weather makes me very tired and sleepy.  I guess it doesn’t help I’m fighting a headache too.  Thanks, Mother Nature.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to go do laundry, go to church and then grocery shopping.  I need my snacky foods for the Super Bowl tomorrow.  I also need some other things to last me the next two weeks.

I think I’m going to go lay on the couch and relax the rest of the night.

Until next time…

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