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Archive for January, 2009

Do you have any?

I started thinking about what my “deal breakers” are.  You know, what behavior do I consider unacceptable and where do I draw the line in relationships?

I have a list of deal breakers for relationships with men and I’ll explain each one….

  • Illegal drugs.  I spent 4 years competing with marijuana, Nintendo game systems and the game Street Fighter.   I had to fight for attention.  I had to beg for his company.  No matter how many times we fought about it, it never changed.  Even at the end, he chose his marijuana and video games.  Any type of drug is a deal breaker for me.  No questions asked.  No 2nd chances given.  Done.  End of story.
  • Alcoholism. I spent my entire life escaping the effects of my father’s alcoholism.  I refuse to get involved with a man who is my father.
  • Criminals. Growing up in law enforcement, I realized I don’t want anyone who breaks the law in a huge way.  Traffic offenses are not a part of this deal breaker.  Unless, of course, they’ve let them go to warrant – which ends up turning into criminal history.
  • Compulsive gambling. I’m a recovering compulsive gambler myself.  If the person is in recovery, I’d think about.  If they are active in their addiction?  Deal breaker.  Will not deal with the shit I dealt with when I went into GA.  Won’t do it.  Did it once, don’t want to do it again.

Those are my four biggest deal breakers.   I have several more, but those are the four biggest offenses when it comes to relationships for me.

Do you have any major deal breakers?  What are they?

Earth Rooster

I found this cute little thing over at Munky Munch’s blog.

I’m an Earth Rooster….what are you?

Jan 22, 1909 to Feb 9, 1910
Feb 17, 1969 to Feb 5, 1970

Earth roosters are very high spirited and strong-minded people. People of this Chinese astrology are brilliantly intelligent and have a philosophical bend of mind. Their lives go through many ups and downs but they manage to sail through it without any difficulty. To every problem they encounter they take a very analytical approach towards it and solve it with quite grace and tact. People of this Chinese astrology have lot of patience and give due importance to all problems in hand. As a result their careers always run on the right path and they outshine others without much difficulty. Even for their love lives they have the same approach. Whenever they see a crack forming they put their best feet forward and work out the problem.

You can find yours here.

I love Chinese astrology. It sometimes goes way deeper than Western Astrology. Interesting website there.

Happy dance time!

It’s Friday! YAY! Can I just say how happy I am that it’s Friday? It’s finally Friday!!!

After posting that password protected rant yesterday, I felt a little bit better about the work situation. I’m still irritated, but not nearly as much as I was yesterday while it was happening.

I’ve been thinking of finding some new books to read. I may even venture out to the Library one of these days, since I have my library card and everything. I just need to go to the website and find where they are around here!

I’m still feeling very congested and all. I’m going to be calling the doctor if I’m not feeling better by Monday. It’s supposed to get up to 54 degrees today. Ummm hello! That’s like a 40-50 temp. difference from earlier this week! Holy crap! No wonder everyone is fighting off the sinus gunk this week! Sheeesh. Oh and it’s supposed to snow this weekend? WTF is up with this weather? Oh yeah, I know. It’s the Ohio Valley. Ugh.

I have no plans this weekend, besides my meeting tonight. After that, I’m going to lay on the couch or sit at this computer all weekend long.

I found two charges on my bank account that are not mine. I emailed the bank last night and I will be calling them today. Columbia House Video Club charged me $25.94 twice on the 16th. That’s $51.88 that could be used for groceries and gas for the car. WTH? I’m not a member of CHVC since I left Las Vegas. Jerks need to give me my money back so I can get some groceries!

Until next time…

Protected: I don’t need your fucking help!

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The time has come…. watch Lost!!!!

Are you watching Lost? I am! I’m glued to the seat! I can’t wait to see how this season goes!

I had a pretty crappy day at work today. I just wasn’t feeling it, I was exhausted all day and it was super busy. It also didn’t help that my favorite person took the day off! Pfft! Don’t they know they have to check with me on these days off?

It also didn’t help that the boilers were not working for the heat thing for the 2nd day in a row!!!! A building that is 76 years old, made of concrete with no heat. OY!!!

I have a lot on my mind regarding my finances. I’ve been doing a little job hunting online, with no success. I don’t know what else to do, so I’m just going to keep trying. I have so many bills and so little money, I don’t see how I’ll get out of this one. Ever. I definitely don’t see a light at the end of tunnel in that aspect of my life.

There was a time (not so long ago) where this information or just even thinking that one sentence …don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel in that aspect of my life… would have sent me into high speed wobbles. Today? It gives me a slight bit of heartburn, but no high speed wobbles.

I realized somewhere along the journey that getting myself all riled up over it was not going to fix it. All I could do was keep putting one foot in front of the other and try to get out of this mess I’m in.

Emotionally, I’m on shaky ground. I have my friends, I have my great job, I’m lonely. I think the winter is depressing me a bit more than normal. I have a lot in my life to be grateful for and I am. Although when I find myself wishing for a little bit more (like a man to help keep me warm when I’m freezing!), do I really feel grateful? How could I wish for more when I’m grateful? Then I think, well damn it’s not so bad to wish for more good things in my life, right?

My little situation with the men at work is just about the same. Although, MBMoE has started to taper off on his texting me. Maybe cause it’s finally sinking in to his thick skull? Who knows. I don’t even know what’s going on with MH, so I just pretend everything is status quo and I act normally around him. Then again, I rarely see him. So when I do see him, it makes my day and I still swoon like a dork. Yeah. I’m a dork like that.

I’m going to go finish watching Lost and then go to bed.

Until next time…

Why does it feel like a Monday this morning?

I slept like crap, that’s why!  I tossed and turned and just couldn’t shut my mind up enough to sleep.  Go figure.

I finally fell into a deeper sleep around 1am I believe and my alarm went off for the first time at 5am.   I snoozed it until 5:50.

Showered and just need to get dressed and put my make up on.  I’m not feeling this work thing today.  Although it’s Platoon 1 day, I just feel like ass and don’t wanna go.  I feel like whining.

I was looking at a LCD mount for some reason. I have one of those corner unit things already. Not like I need to find more ways to spend money.

I’ve been doing really well with not over spending. This could be because I haven’t had the money to over spend. Either way, I’m not doing it much and I’m quite happy with that.

I wonder if now that the inauguration is done if we will go back to normal television? I mean, yeah it was all pretty and cool and inspiring, but I’m ready for my regular TV shows on ABC. kthx.

My nose is all plugged up and when I blow it? I get blood. YAY for sinus infections! I’m already on antibiotics for that other problem, and I’ll be finished with those today. I may find myself back at the doctor before the week is over to get a different kind of antibiotic for this problem! *le sigh*

Hope ya’ll have a good day!

Until next time…

I believe…

I wrote these earlier and wanted to share them here, since I almost forgot to post today!

I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I believe in love.

I believe that to get the correct information, you need to go to the source of the information you need.

I believe that if I never put myself out there, I’ll never get the possible rewards that could come with it.

I believe learning something new is sometimes difficult, especially when you don’t have the greatest teacher in the universe, but once it’s learned there is no escaping the thrill of having learned it.

I believe there is that one true love for everyone – whether we choose to see it ourselves or not.

I believe laughter can be the cure for almost everything wrong in my life.

I believe in laughing at myself – it’s easier than beating myself up.

I believe in asking for help when I need it.

I believe saying no for the right reasons is, sometimes, harder than saying yes for the wrong reasons.

I believe in hope.

I believe in faith of all kinds, not just my own.

I believe forgiveness takes less energy than holding onto resentments.

I believe our country is heading in the right direction; no matter how slowly.

I believe in Dr. King’s dream and I believe we, as a people, can make it come true.

I believe in loyalty to family and friends, as well as myself.

Reaching the promised land?

I’m getting a little irritated that people are saying with Obama taking office tomorrow that Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized.  It has not been realized.

Dr. King’s dream was not to get a black man in the Oval Office.  His dream was to make racism go away, poverty be abolished and civil rights for all people, of all creeds.  His dream was to have black people treated the same way as white people.  His dream was to have Asians and Latinos and all other nationalities be treated the same way.  Equal rights for everyone.

While I understand the hope people are putting in our new President, I do not understand the comparison to Dr. King.   I do not see how this will make Dr. King’s dream come true.

Dr. King did once show optimism in getting a black president.  I do not see the comparison and I guess I just needed to express that.  I’ve been watching specials and TV all day long about Dr. King and the comparisons the news media is making is a little annoying.   I’ll get over it I’m sure.

Off to my GA meeting before my head explodes.

Until next time…

Is this day over yet?

I had hoped that since I was off today for the holiday, it wouldn’t “feel” like Monday, ya know?  WOW!  Was I wrong!

I went to the grocery store earlier, after struggling for a few hours on trying to fix my printer.  I fixed the printer!  YAY!

As I was coming out of the store, I immediately noticed a huge dent in my right rear fender.  I took a couple pictures of it with my cell phone and looked to see if they left a note.  No note.

I lost my mind.  Accidents happen.  I understand this, I really do.  But to just damage someone’s car and fucking leave?  Fuck you and I hope you get crabs and have to live with crabs every day for the rest of your life.  Piece of shit people should be shot.  Period.

I came home, put away my groceries and then called the Wal-Mart to see if they had surveillance video.  They are checking and will get back to me.

Since I got home from the store, I’ve talked to both MBMoE and MH.  I asked MH about knowing anyone who does body work on cars and he sent me in a few directions.  I’ll look into those tomorrow at work.  Seriously.  I wish the conversation had gone further than that, but I’m getting this feeling it’s not ever going to go beyond friendship and I’m slightly OK with that.  Not really though.  LOL

I need to find some travel deals for April so that I can go to Santa Fe for TequilaCon. I’m hoping when I get my tax return I can pull it off. If not, I’ll have to shoot for next year again.

I’m going to go lay on the couch now.  I’m full from the spaghetti I made.  I am now sleepy.  I’m hoping I don’t fall asleep since I have to work tomorrow.

Until next time…

What an adventure!

For the first time in about 18 years, I used a Laundromat to do my laundry today.

I woke up at 8am with a raging migraine, but new if I didn’t still go to do laundry, I would put it off most of the weekend and then be scrambling come Monday.

I collected the hamper and the laundry basket with the soap and Bounce sheets.  I headed off to the store to get some cash and then quarters.  For the first time in 7.5 years, I bought some rolls of quarters.  It felt weird.

I ended up with 6 loads of clothes to wash and then used four of the dryers.  They were smaller than I anticipated.  I used the room here at the apartment complex.  I only had to deal with one other person in there, and he would just start his stuff and then leave until it was done.  Crazy.  I can’t imagine leaving my clothes there while they washed or dried.  That would creep me out.

I got home and put the laundry away and I am now sitting here thinking about a nap.  My head is still pounding like there is no tomorrow and it makes me stabby.

I found another review of a diet pill.

I still need to do grocery shopping, but I’m going to wait til later today or tomorrow to do that.  I have enough food and what not to last me until tomorrow if needed.

Until next time…