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Archive for April, 2009

Day number 21 or is that 22?

I’ve lost count of the actual days I’ve been sick. I know it’s been 3 weeks today. I woke up sick on April 8th. Today is the 29th. I’m tired of it.

I felt pretty good for two days and now today I’m just sicker than a dog again! It makes me very unhappy! I’m on antibiotics and Mucinex religiously for another 5 days and I’m confused as to why I woke up this morning with a horrible cough, headache and a general feeling of craptasticness.

The last time I worked in the CPR center for some OT, I was watching the Captain in there work the cash drawer and realized they don’t have a manual for how that thing works. Sure glad I don’t have to work it. While I’m sure the general use is simple, it’s when they have to get complicated on stuff that would confuse me. I’m sure.

We got off work at 2:30 today because of some Derby festivity. Same thing for tomorrow. And then a hand full of us work all day Friday. Most of the rest of the city government offices will be shut down due to it being the fourth and final furlough day of this fiscal year for them.

I napped from about 3:30 until close to 6pm. Although I coughed quite a bit and it was fitful, I did get to feeling a little better than I had when I got home.

I’m just going to continue to do nothing and rest. I’d like to curl up in a corner and cry, but I’m sure that would make it harder for me to breathe so I’m trying to avoid that.

Back to the couch for me!

Until next time…

It was fun while it lasted….

For the days prior to today, I felt great!  I wasn’t coughing as much, I didn’t feel as congested and even my ears stopped getting plugged up!  It was a wonderful feeling!!!!

Last night, I started coughing a bit before I even went to bed.   This morning I woke up and needed to use my inhaler.   I don’t sleep with my windows open specifically cause of my allergies.  Even when I WANT to sleep with them open, I don’t.

My cough has gone deep into my chest and it’s very bronchial now.  Awesome!  At least I’m already on antibiotics and Mucinex.  Hopefully this only lasts today because I can not tell you how tired I am of being sick!  GAH!

I really need to set another quit date for my smoking cause I know it’s not helping the situation.  I’m going to do some journaling tonight when I get home from work and then pray about a date to quit.  Yet again.

I guess I’m hemming and hawing about setting another date because I have a fear of failure.  Again.  However, I need/want to keep trying until I actually do quit and can say I’m a non-smoker.

The Trainer’s husband is terminally ill.  We got word yesterday that they are sending him home from the hospital and setting him up with Hospice Care.  *le sigh*  I feel so bad for them.  I met him once at the Awards banquet and he is such a nice person.  It’s sad really.

I did not go see Keith Sweat in concert last night, for several reasons.  The number one reason was I could not stop coughing to save my life and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy myself.  The second reason was I just didn’t want to go down to the Riverfront by myself at 9pm at night, ya know?

Due to the Pegasus Parade tomorrow afternoon, all city employees are getting off early today and tomorrow so they can avoid the traffic.  We will get out of the office at 2:30 p.m. and then still get paid for that 1.5 hours at the end of the shift.  That’s awesome.

Friday, which is Oaks Day, is another furlough day for those not covered under a contract like I am.  It will be a slow, boring day for sure.  But I’ll have the bureaus payroll to keep me busy.

I need more coffee!

Until next time…

Not much to say lately

I have felt very “quiet” the last few days.  Not in a bad way either.  I just feel very content right now.  My health is improving, I’m not as tired as I have been and I feel really good about breaking things off with neighbor Guy.

I’m in a pretty good space right now and I’m just not going to question it or try to analyze WHY I’m in such a good space.  Who cares why, I just am!

KP called me last night.  That made me feel awesome and I got a little teary eyed while talking to him.  I really didn’t think I’d miss my friends so much when I moved.  I thought I’d be able to go visit them often and vice versa.

However, due to the finances going south, I have only been back to Vegas once and that was for TB’s birthday in August of last year.

None of my family and friends (from Vegas) have come to visit me yet.  The economy just doesn’t allow for a lot of travelling for us right now.

While I understand, I get lonely still and I get sad and feel very isolated.  I’m sure once I start making more friends here locally I won’t feel that way, but until then, I do feel that way sometimes.

Until next time…

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend…

I’ve talked about this before at my GA meetings, but I’m going to put it here and talk about a few other things.

The Kentucky Derby is approaching.  Yippee.  Get to watch a bunch of horses get forced to run around in left hand turns for however long they do it and then the winner gets a necklace of roses.  Ooooh I’m excited, aren’t you?

Obviously, I’m not into horse racing.  LOL   I’ve also never been one to bet on horse racing or sports for that matter.  People here are freaking the fuck out because here comes the Derby and the Spring meet (just a bunch of horse races) is starting.  OMFG!

Last year, I was a total twat about it and used to make fun of them in my head as they would share how hard it was to stay away from the track, etc.  *le sigh*  Oh how I’ve grown and changed in the last year.

While I still don’t understand the obsession with betting on horses, I do understand the obsession with betting in general.   While I don’t understand the allure of horse racing or going to the race track, I do understand the allure of going to the casino and playing poker on one of the machines.  Same thing, different cover.

So I’ve gotten a little more patient with my GA family members who struggling during this time of year.  Some avoid local TV completely from the beginning of Thunder to the end of the Derby.  They do not go to any of the festival activities on the waterfront and they avoid all things with the word “Derby” in it.

The trend I’ve noticed is that every single commercial for the Derby or it’s week of activities has something about gambling/betting/placing that bet.  NOW I see why people ignore the news and local stations during this time of year.   While the actual horse racing doesn’t appeal to me as a compulsive gambler, the words betting, gambling, place your bets, does tend to grab my attention.   It doesn’t give me an urge to gamble, it just makes me pay closer attention to the commercial.  

I’ve started changing the channel when I notice it.

Have you ever noticed that when someone does not call you when they say they will, you get upset?   And have you ever noticed that even if you don’t necessarily want to hear from the person and they do this, it still upsets you?  LOL

I’ve separated myself quite a bit from Neighbor Guy and when we talked yesterday afternoon, he said he would call me later.  I said okay and hung up.  I spent the entire evening jumping whenever my phone rang or made the texting noise.   He never called.

I woke up this morning and decided I was irritated.  WTF?  Why would I be irritated?  I didn’t want to hear from him anyway.  Yet, he said he would call and that is what upsets me.  I’m such a girl.

Until next time…

And here we have the truth….

As you know, I went to the doctor this morning.  I was determined to make her see that I did NOT have just a viral infection anymore, like her nurse suggested when I talked to her last week.

Uhhh yeah.  Colds and viral infections last 7-10 days.  Once I hit that 10 day mark, I knew something else was going on.  Side effects from Singulair?  Mono?

I went in this morning and after examining me, she has determined I have a sinus infection.  Go figure.  Yet another sinus infection.  LOL  I am now on antibiotics, Mucinex (which I’ve been taking anyway) and a new nose spray.

We discussed, at length, going back on the Singulair for my asthma and my allergies.  Since she took me off the meds for a week and my symptoms didn’t really change all that much, we both believe what I was experiencing was NOT the side effects of the medication.  I am to start taking the Singulair again starting tonight.

I am, however, going to be keeping a closer eye on my symptoms and make sure that none of the nasty gross stuff comes back once I start taking it again.

It took me forever to get home tonight after work.  I got off at 4:30 and sat for 30 minutes trying to get on the freeway, so I hit some surface streets to catch the 64 at a different location.  Yeah, that didn’t work out too well for me either.  *le sigh*

I stopped at hell mart to get a few things I needed, but not do my entire grocery shopping.  I’ve decided I’m just going to relax and do nothing til my meeting tonight and then tomorrow I’ll do laundry and grocery shopping.  Fun weekend ahead!

I’m going to go find some food now, since I just now got home.  Oh, did I mention I have to turn the A/C on????   It’s 80 something out there and I’m sweating!

Until next time…

Looking for some relief here…

I’m gonig to the doctor in a bit this morning.  My appointment is at 9am, so I’m going in late to work and will work late to make up for the time I miss this morning.

I can tell you I feel better than I did 2 weeks ago when I went to the doctor, but I can also tell you I still feel crappy.

My nose is stuffed up, my head is all fuzzy and when I cough I feel like I’m hacking up a lung.   Well that was descriptive!  LOL

During the day, I start feeling halfway decent and I just deal with a little bit of a snotty nose and some sneezing throughout the day.   Every now and then, my throat gets real scratchy and I end up coughing a bit.  

During the night, I can’t lay on my bed for long.  I start coughing a lot and can’t sleep, so I end up on the couch until my alarms go off.  My throat gets raw and scratchy and it hurts to swallow.    My left ear hurts like a bitch off and on throughout the day and night.

I am looking for some relief!  I’ve gotten a lot of headaches that I just don’t complain about because I’ve been sick for 16 days now and I’m tired of hearing myself say I don’t feel good.   

I’m hoping my trip to the doctor this morning will provide some answers on what this virus has mutated into too.

All this means that I was able to ‘sleep in’ until about 7:30.   I’d be lying if I said I slept well.  But I’m still here and I’m still walking and talking!

22 days and I’m going to get to see KP and his family.  I’m quite excited about this!  They do a early summer/late spring road trip cross country to visit family every year.  They are hitting Louisville last, but they are hitting Louisville!!!  YAY!

Last week I was talking about how I was feeling abandoned by some of my friends and it just broke my heart.  KP is one of those sporadic contacters that I was talking about last week.   And then one day this week, out of the blue, he texted me to say hi and let me know he was thinking about me.  I cried like a girl.

The other two or three I was talking about still have not responded to any of my emails, texts or calls.   Although I do have to admit I gave up about two days after posting what I did here on the blog.   I gave up reaching out to them because I was tired of letting my feelings get hurt when there was no response.   I got tired of feeling disappointed by my friends (at least one of whom I’ve known for 22 years) ignoring me and not contacting me.

For today, the friends I have in my life sustain me.  While my feelings are still hurt by the ones who have totally removed themselves from my life, I have some awesome friends I know I can turn to and they will be there for me.

I got a text from Neighbor Guy yesterday afternoon.  He’s been admitted to the hospital for something and his blood pressure.  He’ll be in there until at least tomorrow.  I’ll probably try to swing by the hospital tonight after work, but honestly and between me, you and the blogosphere here, I really don’t want to go see him.   

For some reason I’m feeling a little on the obligated side to go see him.  Most likely because I haven’t actually sat down with him and let him know I don’t want to see him anymore unless it’s just around the complex, etc.  Whatever.  I’ll decide on going later.

I was checking out these tuxedos the other day too. I have no idea why!

And on a completely different note?  It’s FRIDAY!!!!  It’s payday!!!!  I get to go grocery shopping this weekend.  I get to do my laundry this weekend (and believe me, I have a TON of laundry to do!).

Until next time…

My mind is elsewhere again

I would just like it on record that this lady RAWKS!!!!  I realized I wanted some of my regular coffee and since they don’t carry it around here, I would reach out to someone I knew lived in an area that does carry it.   I also knew that if she couldn’t find it, there was someone in Florida who could cause she’s mentioned it before.

I sent Miss Geeky TaiTai a message on Facebook asking her to look for my Don Francisco Vanilla Nut coffee and if she could pick me some up and bring it to ConFab in June, I would reimburse her and love her forever.

She sent me a message this morning and she FOUND MY COFFEE already!!!!  I PPH her!  Now I just need to remind her to bring it to Lexington in June with her.  LOL

I’ve been reading and watching reports about what Miss California said during her interview question on the Miss USA pageant.  While I disagree with her, I applaud her for standing up for what she believes in and not backing down to the people telling her she’s an idiot.

While I DO support gay marriage and believe gays and lesbians should have the same rights as I do when it comes to marriage, I do not think that girl is an idiot for not believing in gay marriage.

I did not watch the pageant so maybe I’m missing some other point of her being labeled an idiot or bitch or whatever else people are calling her.  What I’ve seen on the replays and on the websites does not give me the impression she deserves the backlash she is getting.

She doesn’t agree with or believe in gay marriage.  So what?  There are millions who don’t.  There are also millions of us who DO support it and believe in it.  

Kudos to her for having the courage to stand by her convictions, whether part of the popular thought process or not.  I admire her.

I’m glad it’s hump day.  This brings us closer to Friday and that makes me very happy!

Until next time…

Insert foot in mouth and repeat.

I had a horrible time concentrating at work today.  I don’t know where my mind was or why it was elsewhere, but it definitely was not on work.

I was chatting with a firefighter on Facebook last night (the one who fussed at me for not ‘facebooking’ him).  He informed me that the only way to truly enjoy Derby day was to be drunk and half naked.  Are you fucking kidding me?  How old are you, really?

He then proceeded to tell me that he and his wife constantly cheat on each other.  Uh, then why are you married?   Prior to him telling me this, he had asked me that if it was okay with ‘my man’ that he and I hang out on Derby day.  Ummm to what?  Get drunk and half naked?  I did not correct him on the fact I do not have a man and instead said that we would have to check with his wife on that too.

We got into a conversation about why he’s married.  Seems some men are just dogs and there’s no reasoning with them.  I told him I wasn’t down with OPP and I logged off.  This was not one of the reasons I was having trouble concentrating at work. 

I’m worried about my finances.  And I’m letting it eat at me again without sharing how I’m feeling about them.  Which is so not good, but it’s what I do and I’m having trouble breaking that pattern.

I’ve also been experiencing some horrendous hot flashes here at work and at home.  This drives me insane, because I hate the hot flashes.

I got into a conversation with one of the Majors today about onions.  I was complaining to him about how the firehouse smelled nasty downstairs and it made me want to throw up in my mouth.  He asked me what it smelled like and I told him something with onions in it, like a French Onion soup or something.  

I went on to say how much I disliked onions and the smell of them.  He then informed that his last name translated to English means onions.  Uh, are you shitting me?  He went on to tell me the history of the name and onions, etc.  I was laughing the entire time, thinking he was kidding me!  I told him to not take it personally, it’s the vegetable onions I do not like.

After he left the office, I was obsessed with finding out if he was lying or telling me the truth.  I went onto wordreference dot com and found out that he was NOT kidding with me and he was telling the truth.   Ooooops!

I texted him and told him that I thought he was kidding and Googled it.  I apologized for doubting him and for making fun of onions.  LOL   He told me to never doubt him again and I told him I would make sure to never doubt him again, I learned my lesson.   I’ve been laughing for a few hours and when I think of it I giggle out loud.

I did two more hours of overtime in the CPR Center tonight.  This makes a total of at least 10 hours OT I’ll have on my next check (not the one coming up Friday).  I don’t have OT anymore this week (thank God!) so I’ll be able to rebuild the energy I used on Sunday and during payroll Monday.  LOL

I did not choke!

I got to the office at 6am, raring to go and get the payroll done in a timely manner, so Manager Lady would not be disappointed that she trusted me to take care of this huge project.

Normally, I am responsible for the 40 hour bureaus and then one district out of the four that we have.   My responsibility level increased quite a bit today.  We have to do a break down of their time by hand and then we key it into the computer system.

On Friday, I did the bureaus break down and keying.  Yesterday, I did the break downs for three of the districts and keyed the first district.  Today I keyed my regular district as well as communications.   I had some help so I’m not going to take full credit for this, but for my part in it?  I fucking rocked.

I took the responsibility and the trust Manager Lady gave me and I ran with it.  Yes, I was a nervous wreck the entire time.  I was scared and I was edgy, but I fucking did it!

After all the keying was done, I contacted our Payroll Guy and he sent me the first edit.  The Chief’s Assistant helped me with that part and then I took it from there and completed it.   I had to call Manager Lady and ask her a few questions, but there were only four of em.  She didn’t seem to mind that I was calling her for guidance.

Once I was done with the edit, I had Payroll Guy “re-run” the edit and when he sent it back to me, there was not one error on there to be taken care of.  We were done!  All that needed to be done was approvals.  I can approve everyone in the system but myself, so I did that and then PG approved me so I wouldn’t have to call Manager Lady again and get her password to log in and approve myself.

We were done by 1pm, which is one hour earlier than it’s “due” downtown and about 2 hours earlier than it usually gets done.

YAY!   I then cried with relief and wished I had some tequila to do a shot and calm my nerves.  

I’ve also started thinking the doctor was right about that mono thing.  If I’m not 100% by Friday, I’ll be going in again to have some blood drawn to find out for sure.  Even if it is, since it’s viral, there is nothing I can take that would help me feel better faster.   And besides, have you READ about that shit?  2-4 weeks of it.  I’m at two weeks now.  I don’t know if I can take another two weeks feeling like this.  I might lose my shit.

Since the doctor took me off the Singulair, I haven’t really started feeling any better than I was.  It’s so hard to tell if what I was and am experiencing were the side effects of that medication or not.   All of the side effects mirrored not only mono but strep throat (without the fevers).   So I don’t know.

I’ve been off the medication for about 5 days and I’m thinking I would have already been feeling better had it been the side effects.   

For now, I’m just going to rest and keep doing what I’m doing with the OTC and home remedy front.

Until next time…

Crazy day ahead!

I took some Nyquil last night and was asleep before 9:45.   I woke up a few time throughout the night, but then turned over and went back to sleep.  I did not cough up a lung.

My throat is still really sore and my cough is very bronchial now.   I’ve got some Dayquil to take for today and I’ll take the Nyquil again tonight.

I received a phone call last night at 8pm from Manager Lady and she needs me to work today to do payroll.   There are some medical things going on with  her and then with The Trainers husband, so she is entrusting me to get most of the payroll done before Monday morning.

While I’m thrilled she is trusting me with this, I told my mom it’s weird.  One of them doesn’t trust me at all and questions everything I do, while the other trusts me almost blindly and has complete faith in my ability.  It’s frightening almost.  The Trainer makes me question every little thing I do at work, while Manager Lady makes me feel appreciated and that I’m actually doing a good job.

I have church at 10:30 this morning and then right after I drop Miss Laci off back at her place, I’ll be going straight to the office to start working on the payroll and getting as much done as I can.

I’ll do most of the break outs on the payroll time sheets and then I’ll start keying it and get as much of that done as I can.   Monday morning, I’ll go back in at 6am and finish off the keying.   I’ll then have to do the edits with either Co Worker or Chief’s Assistant.

Maybe I can get one of them to do the talking parts of the edit cause I don’t know how my voice will be.  LOL

I’m going to get a little package together of stuff that won’t spoil in my car during church to take to work with me.  I’m going to take some tea bags so I can have hot tea throughout the afternoon while I’m working, along with some snacks and food.

I was looking at a term insurance quote and I have no idea why. Every now and then, when someone around me gets super sick, I think of my mortality. It’s a morbid state of mind I get into.

The weather looks like it’s going to be nasty today. At least I’ll be at work to avoid most of it!

Until next time…