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Chronic homesickness?

Today has been a very long day!  While it was self-induced, it was still exhausting!  

I left here at 7:15 am and was at the office until 7:10 pm.  From there, I headed to my regular Friday night GA meeting.  The meeting was a birthday for two people.  One person was celebrating one year and the other 7 years.  It was a great meeting and I’m glad I was able to share in that celebration.

After the meeting, we tend to move off into groups and chat a little one on one.   I went to hug my friend J and he told me I think I know what’s wrong with you.  I think you have chronic homesickness.  I laughed at first but then asked him to tell me what he meant, because it sounded interesting.

He proceeded to tell me that he feels I miss my friends in Vegas so much, that I’m failing to get “connected” here.   He thinks that I don’t talk about my homesickness for my friends enough in the meetings and feels if I do that, I might start making more connections with the people surrounding me.

I believe he could be right to a certain extent and it’s something I’m going to look at.   

I do know he’s right in one regard, I miss my friends in Vegas so much, I don’t want to get close to anyone here really.   I’ve connected with a few people from work and a few of the neighbors but that’s really it when it comes to local connections (not including Miss Laci – cause I had that connection before I moved here.)

I told him that I keep trying because I don’t want to go back, no matter how much I miss my friends.  It was at that time he told me he thinks if I talk about it more in meetings, it will start helping me.  So I believe that’s what I will do.  

It’s never hurt me to take suggestions I’ve received from GA members and I’m looking at this one the same way.   He suggested it, I’ll try it.  If it doesn’t work, I don’t have to do it again.  If it works, I can keep doing it and fix part of the problem.

I love it when someone else provides solutions for me!  LOL

Until next time…

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