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Dodging the proverbial bullet. Once again.

Earlier this fiscal year, it was announced that everyone, except essential personnel, would have to take four furlough days.   I worried over that for a few weeks before finding out that the union contract I’m under protects me from lay offs of any kind.  I was quite thrilled to learn this.

There were very few of us, besides the firefighters, who did not have to take those unpaid furlough days.  I became grateful for my union on that date.  Yeah, I bitched (and sometimes still do) about the $50 a month they take for dues, yet I’m very grateful I’m in the union.

The weeks and months passed by and then last night, the Mayor presented his new budget to the Metro Council.  It includes the elimination of more than 500 positions.  About 400 of them are currently vacant positions and they will not be filled.  The other positions are filled and those people will be laid off indefinitely and for at least the length of this new fiscal year that starts July 1.

The newscast said that the Mayor and his “people” were meeting with union heads and department directors to help notify the people losing their jobs.  I freaked out!

I knew about the no lay off clause in the contract, however, that contract expires June 30th and I figured I’d be fair game come July 1 for those lay offs.

I spent all last night with a migraine.  I did not sleep well, I was up every few hours and I still have the headache.   I was just freaking myself out.

When I got to work this morning, I searched for the Big Boss because Manager Lady was not in yet.   I found him and he assured me that no one that was in the union on the fire department would be affected by the lay offs.  The non union people will have more furlough days and the Super Big Boss (the Chief) will end up taking a 15% cut in pay (OUCH!)

I almost hugged the man I was so excited to learn my job was safe.   He also let me in on a secret.  Even though the contract expires on June 30th, we are still covered and protected under that contract until the new one is negotiated and approved.  

Oh thank God!

I have not felt that much relief or grattitude since the day I walked into my first Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

My headache eased up a bit, letting me know that it was a tension migraine, but it didn’t go away fully.  I think my adrenaline is finally crashing though because I’m exhausted. 

I worked myself up into a frenzy of a migraine and haven’t worked my way out of it yet.   I’m going to get something to eat, relax and put some ice packs on my head and neck.

Until next time…

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