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It’s finally the weekend!!!

I did not think this weekend would ever get here.  *le sigh*  It wasn’t a bad week at work, just long and taxing on my brain.

I just feel exhausted right now.  It probably doesn’t help that I ended up having six beers last night and was a little tipsy when I went to sleep.  Oh well.  I wasn’t hung over, so I’m not complaining!

I am not going to be doing too much this weekend.  Unless, of course, you count packing, organizing and throwing shit out.  And I need to do at least one load of laundry this weekend or I’m screwed for work next week LOL

I’m also going to try to get at least two new customers for my Avon business.  I have these cute little plastic Avon bags that I’ve filled with catalogs and I’m going to go hang them on some doors.  As long as there is not a sign saying No Solicitations, ya know?  Don’t want someone coming out with a gun.

I am having trouble believing that the people I’ve asked to help me move (all but TWO) have backed out on me.  Their reasons/excuses are those that make it difficult for me to get upset with them.  But damnit, I’m upset at the situation!!!  I need help and everyone I keep asking can’t help me.  I just feel drained.

I’ve put a message in a group of co-workers on Facebook and NOT ONE person has responded.  I’ve resorted to posting it on my fucking status message.   I’m going to change it every few hours on there too.  Until I get some people to help me move!!!

On that note, gotta go start packing and going through stuff before my meeting tonight.

Until next time…

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