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I am just spent!

I had one of the most productive, busy days I’ve had in a long time.

I really thought I wouldn’t get shit done because I woke up all congested, sinus pressure, sinus migraine, ect.

I decided to work through it, because the stuff I needed to do HAS to get done and now I’m on the final countdown for my move coming up on Saturday the 15th.

I finished packing my bathroom (except the stuff I will use over the next week) and I went through my storage room.  I found a brown recluse spider in there too.  *shiver*  YUCK!

I got tons of shit taken to the dumpster, packed and I even took a few hundred cd’s over to Half Priced Books to see what they’d give me for them.  I didn’t get as much as I thought they were worth, but I accepted their offer because a) I need the money and b) I wanted to get rid of those cd’s!

I was talking to my co-worker last week and she said her daughter needed to find some baby shower invitations for a friend. I referred her to that website. I don’t know if it’ll have what she’s looking for, but it’s a place to start!

I am so exhausted! Tomorrow is payroll Monday, so I’m going to go relax. First thing on my agenda for the rest of the evening? A shower. And then watch the baseball game until I fall asleep.

Until next time…

One Response to “I am just spent!”

  • sss says:

    girl~mom had to be hospitalized thursday night with SVT~i’m with her at the heart hospital where they have been trying to get her heart rate slowed down~meds are working, possible that we get to go home tomorrow~then she gets an infection in one of the sites where they give her meds in her stomach~~they are treating the infection very aggressively, hopefully maybe we will still get to go home tomorrow~~the hosptial blocks twitter and facebook so i’m slowly making my rounds to let people know where i disappeared to~send prayers of peace and comfort and sleep for me! LOL