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Peaceful day….

What a peaceful building I live in right now. I’m hoping it stays this way. Holy cow, I have not felt this relaxed while being at home in months and months. It’s quiet. I don’t hear people talking, laughing, playing music or TVs loudly. I do not hear drunk idiots screaming across the parking lot or in my building.

I hear the people upstairs (I met the female half yesterday BTW) and I sometimes hear the other two people who live in this building. Rarely.

It’s so quiet here, I didn’t even know it was raining until I went outside to take the trash out earlier. Ooops!

I walked around a bit earlier, tacking my Avon store flyers at the mailboxes of some of the buildings. It started raining on us, so I got it hung up in about 5 buildings before having to come home.

I watched the rest of Season 2 of True Blood that is on HBO On Demand. Holy noodles! I can totally see why people are obsessed with this show! I’m actually tempted to watch it again. All nine episodes had me at the edge of my seat, laughing, crying and cringing from the grossness of it all! It was phenomenal!

I’ve also been looking online at some auto insurance quotes. While I’m mentally stable at the moment, my finances are still fucked up beyond belief and so I am looking for way to save money and cut down my expenses.

I have a note on my calendar the week before I need to cancel HBO (when my free trial ends) and I’m upset about that. While I’m hoping to have a second job by then and be doing well with that (besides the every other Saturday thing in the office here), I really need to get a move on.

Besides watching True Blood all freaking day (BTW, did I mention I stayed up until like 2 or 3 in the morning watching the end of season 1 and then the beginning of season 2?), I did laundry and my work clothes are all clean and washed and put away.

Tomorrow will be another day of a whole lot of nothing. Besides going to church in the morning, I have no other plans. I don’t even plan on unpacking a lot of stuff. I am just looking for some down time and I chose this weekend to do it.

Monday is payroll day, so I’m glad I did my laundry today. I’m also not looking to exhaust myself and sleep through my alarms haha. That would just be heinous, ya know?

Off to the couch to relax and watch some TV and do some more nothing!

Until next time…

4 Responses to “Peaceful day….”

  • charlene says:

    i’m glad you have found a peaceful place to live~~i finally started using the google reader and found i know suck at commenting~~just wanted to let you know i’m glad you have found a peaceful place to live!

  • Hilly says:

    1.) Love love love “True Blood”!
    2.) I am glad you had a peaceful day.
    3.) I totally know what it’s like to have fucked up finances so I feel ya, sweetie.

  • Sodapop says:

    charlene – thanks sweety! I’m glad I did too!

    Hilly – I am now totally obsessed with True Blood. Holy cow. LOL Amazing how many of us understand the fucked up finances, ya know? *hugs*

  • Mom says:

    Did you knock on wood after typing “what a peaceful building I live in right now”?