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I had a huge post planned for today. I was going to talk about forgiveness and how it is sometimes so hard to give away.

I watched the Sex and the City movie the other day and it got me to having this topic swirling around in my head.

I then started my new part time job here at the apartment complex and it was so busy, I barely had time to scratch my ass, let alone thing more about this post.

In the SATC movie, Carrie and Miranda are fighting because Miranda kept a horrible secret from Carrie. Miranda badgered her for forgiveness in one week. Carrie let her know that it was unfair to badger her for forgiveness after one week, when Miranda herself would not forgive Steve for something done six months ago. Miranda tried to say it was different circumstances, but all Carrie said was “No it’s not, it’s forgiveness.”

Forgiveness is exactly that. Forgiveness.

Where does forgiveness start though? Does it start with forgiving myself? Or forgiving others? I believe it starts with me. I believe I need to be able to forgive myself before I can forgive any transgression against me by others.

If I don’t know how to forgive myself, I’m not going to know how to forgive anyone else.

And on that serious note, here is some information about how my first day went!

I arrived at the office at 10:40 (I’m perpetually early) and we got to work right away. We had two appointments for lease signings and move ins. One was at 11:30 and the other at noon. However, the noon appointment was running late. Very late.

After the first signing, we took the young (extremely young!) couple over to their new apartment where her mother and a few friends were waiting to move them in.

The walk through went well, even with mom watching over our shoulders and asking a billion questions for the kids.

After that, we returned to the office so the Manager could show me a few things. However, before we even got into any of that, the phones started going batshit crazy!

I showed three sets of people the empty townhouse and the model 2 bedroom apartment. One set of them applied right there and then. One set took an application with them. The third set is getting a 4 month jump on things, as the girl won’t need the apartment until February.

The Manager showed me the software they use and told me she plans on showing me how to do everything in that system and another system on her computer. She wants someone who would be able to step in for her if something were to ever happen. Right now, she doesn’t have that, as the Assistant Manager doesn’t understand the computer stuff. Manager wants me to be that person. WOW!

I learned how to put in a maintenance request on several things (including my furnace filter I get done every month) and I learned how to post rent payments.

It was really fun and interesting. I’m going to go in a few nights a week after work and when the office there closes, the Manager will show me more stuff without all the interruptions. Right now my next scheduled work day is September 12.

I’m looking forward to it already! A part of me wishes it was full time. Already. After one day. Shit. After 5 hours! LOL

Until next time…

One Response to “Forgiveness”

  • Hilly says:

    I think forgiveness is a two-pronged “attack”, if you will. One definitely has to be able to forgive themselves especially before expecting someone else to fully forgive them. I think that part of the process of forgiving ourselves often involves changing that very thing for which we need to be forgiven. When others see that we truly have changed and repented (for lack of a better word), it’s easier for them to trust us.

    I also think forgiveness of ourselves is important in forgiving others because we’re more compassionate when we can forgive our own wrongs.