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What I love

Just the other day, Miss Britt did a post about what she loves about herself.

I’ve never really sat down and made a list of what I love about myself.  I’ve been so busy over the years making lists of what I dislike about myself, I never took the time to do a list like this.

She inspired me to do this….

I love my empathy and compassion for others.  It gets me out of my own crap and makes me more grateful.

I love the way my eyes change shades of green depending on my mood.

I love the way my hair falls on my shoulders.

I love the way I look in my prescription glasses with the black frame and funky look.

I love that at almost 40 years old, I’m still flexible and adaptable to changes in my life.

I love that I am so forgiving, even though some people say those I’ve forgiven do not deserve it.

I love that I am such a train wreck and my friends still keep coming back for more.

I love my sense of humor.  I can laugh at almost everything.

I love my passion for my recovery – even when I go through funks and periods of time when I’m feeling negative.

I love that I have 8 years of recovery and I’ve gotten to where I am emotionally.

I love that I am so willing to look at all sides of a situation before passing judgment.

I love that I took a chance and stepped through my fear to enroll in college for an Asssociates of Applied Science degree in Public Administration.

I love that at 37 years of age, I gave myself permission to move 1700 miles away from all that I knew and the place I was born and raised.

I love that after moving 1700 miles, I’ve struggled and had hard times, but I’ve remained true to myself and my recovery.

I love my honesty.

I love that I am constantly working on myself and constantly striving to change for the better.

I love my fingernails when I give them a chance to grow and paint them.  Who needs acryllics?

I love the shape of my butt and boobs.  I don’t know why, I just like them a lot.

I love my ability to adapt to change and different things in life.

I love my willingness to listen to suggestions and try different things.

I love writing on my blog.  It’s a release and makes me feel good when I can come here and vent or excitedly tell ya’ll something.

Until next time…

One Response to “What I love”

  • metalmom says:

    I must admit, you do have an awesome ass. And your boobs feel pretty good bumping mine when we hugged. :)

    Overall, that is a very good list of things to love about yourself.