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And away we go….

Yesterday marked the first day of my journey for a higher education.  I walked through the fear of failure and rejection and have started towards an undergraduate education.

I participated in a few discussion boards with my fellow classmates.  One of them is from Lexington!  My instructor for my Legal Studies class is from Bangor Maine originally and my instructor for my Public Administration class is from Las Vegas.  Small world really.

I have my textbooks and my online webinar classes start tonight at 8pm.  I’ll be “in class” from 8pm to 9pm for my legal studies and then 9pm to 10pm for my public admin class.

I’m really excited about this new adventure.  However, it does contradict what I had wanted to do at the church for right now, but the lady told me when my first term ends in November, I can revisit it and reapply to be a facilitator for one of their groups.   Now THAT was a run-on sentence.

I’m in a good space right now emotionally and physically.  Things are lined up to better myself and I’m quite happy with that.   I’ve remained involved in GA and I’ve put myself out there to make a few friends outside of work and away from the computer.

I’ve played WoW quite a bit lately and I really enjoy it.  The only problem when I play it is that I lose time.  I can be in there for hours and not realized that it’s been 3 hours!   I’m going to be setting an alarm each time I go in there so I can refocus and go do other things.   I won’t be playing it much now that school has started and I’m okay with that.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling like I was burned out in the public safety field.  I was just tired.  I was looking for something “more.”   And then something happened back home and I realized by my reaction, I’m not burned out.  I just need a vacation, on a beach, or a cruise ship.

I have not had a “real” vacation since I quit my job in Vegas in September of 2007.  Yes, I’ve taken road trips and gone to see family.  No, I have not taken a vacation to just relax and not do anything.

While my finances prevent me from actually going anywhere right now and for the forseeable future, I am going to look into taking a few days off of work to just relax and not have to worry about things.   I’m not going to go anywhere, I’m not going to do anything or make plans.  Just take a few days and sleep, clean, relax, enjoy my time with my dog and most likely do school work.  LOL

My co-worker’s sister is not doing well at all.  She is in the hospital again, after having spent 2 months there earlier this year with sepsis and finding out she has pancreatic cancer.   She now has to have a heart valve replacement because the sepsis has destroyed one.   However, the doctors do not think she would survive the surgery for the valve replacement so they are currently looking for a 2nd opinion.

And now I’m off to work and another fun filled day of doing payroll and OSHA stuff.  YAY me!

Until next time…

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