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Hump day and another doctor’s appointment!

It’s hump day and I’m planning on another doctor’s appointment.  This time it’s with my regular doctor and it’s about my meds and my headaches and what not, that I mentioned in a previous post.

Once I get this one taken care of and get back on a normal schedule of my Nexium, I’m thinking I’m going to start feeling right as rain physically.  I need to set a dentist appointment for before the end of the year and a ob/gyn for my mammogram and yearly exam.  I need to do that one before the end of the year as well because they are suddenly making ob/gyn’s specialists on our insurance, so the price of the copay is going up $15.  Awesome!

My arm stopped hurting really bad sometime during the evening hours after I got home from work.  It got itchy and had a slight burning sensation, but by the time I went to bed it was feeling pretty normal.  Just a little discomfort and itchiness left.  I’m sure it will itch quite a bit as they heal and what not.

I got the grades on my mid terms and I’m happy with one and disappointed with another.  Although I expected as much (because I did NOT feel confident about it), I got 80 points out of a 100 for the 5 essays.  I left out some information about something and so he knocked my score down.   It brought my overall score here at midterm to 92%.   While I’m still quite happy with being over 90%, it makes me cranky that it fell so much!

For my mid-term in the other class, I rocked it and got 86.40 points out of 90 and my overall grade for this class is 98.72%.  This makes me very happy!

I actually do not remember ever getting this high grades in any of my classes in high school, except for history and geography.

There are six of us who have some overtime coming up on a new software thing they are going to be using at our auto shop.  The training starts tomorrow night at 5pm and will go until 8pm.  While I’m going to enjoy the OT, I’m going to be exhausted by the time I get home and I’m going to miss some of the World Series, because I don’t know exactly what nights I’ll be working the OT.   I’ll take the extra money and be happy with it though, believe me!  I’ll set the DVR and watch whatever I miss of the series when I get home!

Until next time…

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