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What I love

Hi everyone!  I hope ya’ll had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it).  I celebrate Christmas and so I say Merry Christmas most of the time.  Unless I know for a fact someone does not celebrate Christmas, then I try not to say it because I know how sensitive people are nowadays, ya know? 

Anyway!  I had a fairly decent Christmas.  I hung out with my co-worker and her family, like I mentioned in my previous post.  I would have preferred being with family, but it is what it is and I move forward.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and I’ve made a few lists.  I’m a list person.  I like orderly lists of things I need to get done, things I need to buy or things I am grateful for.

Today there are two lists for grateful feelings and love of self (which I believe is different than self love). 

What I love about Sodapop today:

  • My compassion for others
  • My sense of humor when I let it show
  • My ability to forgive and move forward
  • My ability of acceptance
  • My learning ability and the fact I learn new things pretty quickly.

Today I am grateful for…

  • my Higher Power never turning His back on me or abandoning me
  • my family and friends
  • the recovery (no matter how complacent I get) I’ve been graced with for 8.5 years.
  • The job that keeps a roof over my head
  • My 2nd job that keeps gas in my car
  • my health and still being here to type this
  • music to fill my heart and mind
  • Coffee

Now I know the last one may seem silly, but when I’m writing these lists, I put down the first thing that comes to my mind that I’m grateful for and coffee was one of them this morning!

I’ve been doing some things I need to do and I’m feeling better for them.  I had let myself get so far into this “funk” that I have not given my apartment a good cleaning for well over a month.  Oh my fuck, the clutter!  I’ve been tackling one corner at a time.  Amazing how much crap I can fit into a one bedroom apartment that is barely over 600 square feet! 

Until next time…

One Response to “What I love”

  • B says:

    I like lists too!

    I think you have two really great lists there and I wish I had some of those abilities! Have a great 2010!