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Thesis statements and outlines, oh my!

Who knew I’d be writing a thesis statement in college?  Ever.  I really never thought of a thesis statement being associated with the low level degree I’m going for.  I’m not sneezing at the fact I’m in college and I’m going for a degree.  I’m sneezing at the fact I’m having to write a thesis statement and conclusion and outline and blah blah blah for my writing class in my Associate’s Degree program.

I knew I’d have to think about and write a thesis, but I didn’t think that would come for a few years when I’m finally going for the Bachelor’s or Master’s, ya know?

I was horribly sick yesterday.  Stomach viruses suck ass and I was sick from about 3am yesterday until 1pm.  I haven’t physically been ill like that in awhile and it makes me cranky.  I’m still feeling pukey, but much better than yesterday.  Thank goodness!

I’ve evaluated all I have on my plate (like I mentioned in my last post) and it seems I’m going to be stuck with what I have on that plate for a bit.  I am really going to be working on a schedule of things because one day weekends for two months is going to suck ass in a big way!  However, at least it will be more money in the bank to save up for when I can finally get down to Georgia to see my family.  Ya know?  I’m trying to find positives in it and not completely focus on the overwhelming, negative things about it.  It’s difficult, believe me.

I’ve said I’m not ready to give up Kentucky, yet I am constantly looking at job postings in Atlanta, Birmingham and several other southern or more eastern areas.  It makes me think I’m not as happy here as I’m trying to pretend and tell myself.  Which is totally okay, because I may be slow on the uptake of a lot of things, but I finally see the light and that’s all that matters.

Even if I were to find a job elsewhere, I couldn’t afford to move anytime soon.  I have way too much debt and I don’t make enough money to even consider it yet. 

I’ve ignored Twitter quite a bit lately.  I post there every now and then, but I just don’t feel the “pull” like I used too.  I used to love sitting there in front of it, interacting with people and chatting.  Now?  I could do without Twitter and it wouldn’t upset me so much.  Facebook, on the other hand, keeps me connected and I would freak out if I didn’t have it! 

Nothing new in the love life scene, then again, I don’t put myself out there very much so this part of my life will remain uninteresting until I feel ready to start putting it into high gear, ya know?   I’m okay with it for the most part and just figure when I’m ready, I’ll start doing it.  Until then, I deal with the boys who are stupid here at work and move forward with my day and life.  At least I haven’t gotten anymore pictures or videos from them.  lol

I have a lot on my heart and mind I want to talk about, but for once, I’m finding it difficult to express myself.  I’ll work on that post later when I’m home from work and see if I can’t get it out on paper.  I’ve been considering a super, secret blog for my journaling, but then I figure I ignore my other blog now, what makes me think I won’t ignore that one too? 

Until next time…

One Response to “Thesis statements and outlines, oh my!”

  • miss zilch says:

    Yep, we are doing a group thesis, 25 pages and we have to defend it in front of the entire Migration Department. I am not even in my 2nd year. It is “practice for the real thing” as our teacher told us.