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The follow up

After discussing things with my mom, my brother, Co-Worker P  and my BFF T, I put the post up from yesterday.   As soon as I talked to them and then hit “publish” on that post, I can not tell you how light and relieved I felt.  I spoke to four of the most important people to me and I felt wonderful doing it. 

Since that post, several concerns have been brought up to me, so I’m going to address them.

  • This was not a rash decision on my part.  I’ve been thinking about this for months and months and finally decided to put it to paper and do something about it.
  • This will not happen in the super near future.  With the way the job market and economy is right now, I’m going to hang onto this job for a while before actually putting my plan into motion.
  • I am going to continue my college education now and when I move.  My degree will help me in the long run and I’m not going to give that up anytime soon.
  • Research will be done and I will make sure I’m making this decision for the right reasons FOR ME. 
  • I have been unhappy here for a long time and I’ve tried hiding it and/or fighting the feeling and faking the happiness.  I can only fake it for so long before I lose my mind and completely lose myself.  I’m done doing that.
  • I am feeling strong and happy with my decision and know that I’m moving in the right direction.
  • I do not view this as a failure and I will not “should” myself today or anytime soon.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.
  • I moved 2000 miles from everything and everyone I ever knew and felt comfortable with and I’ve made it 2.5 years on my own.  I’m proud of that.  I’ve grown and learned about myself.  I’ve become a better person and know exactly who I am.

While I don’t necessarily feel the need to explain my decision to everyone who had/has concerns, I do feel the need to let my readers and friends know some of my reasonings behind this and how I’m feeling.

I’ve been pretty shy about expressing how I feel on here lately and I’m done with that.  I welcome any and all comments, as long as they are constructive.  I will not tolerate any type of hateful, snarky comment or comments that “throw” stuff in my face.   I know my shortcomings and I know who I am.  I don’t need anyone to remind me of that.

Until next time…

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