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Laying it to rest….

Any and all doubt about my decision to move from Louisville and find a different job somewhere else was laid to rest at work yesterday afternoon.

I think as a human being (and a woman), the doubts and fears I was feeling about it are normal and being who I am, I’m going to yo-yo this decision back and forth in my head, even though my heart knows it’s going to happen.

I was sitting at work, after having spent the last two days in a very good space with the supervisor when she lost her shit on me once again.   I’ve never, ever had a problem taking direction from a supervisor.  Ever.  Even when I don’t like said supervisor, as long as I’m spoken too like an adult and a human being, I’m good with following direction.

Thursday afternoon at 2pm, I was given some directions on something.  I didn’t agree with it, but I knew I would do it anyway after voicing my opinion and stating the facts about the situation.  She lost it.  I sat and stared at her for a good 10 seconds thinking to myself “And you were doubting your decision to get away from this?”

All doubt left my head at that moment.  As she ranted and raved like a screaming banshee, I sat and stared with my mouth hanging open. 

After a few minutes of the banshee talk, she went back to a normal tone of voice and I said “okay, I’ll get it done.” 

And at that precise moment, when she walked out of my office, I knew.  I knew without a doubt and without fear I’m making the right decision.   I do, however, need to deal with this situation a little bit longer.  So I will deal with it and I will bitch about it and I will be okay.

Until next time…

3 Responses to “Laying it to rest….”

  • Good lord!! I hope the transition, when you make it, goes smoothly, because no one should have to deal with that.

  • Fantastagirl says:

    OKAY – so that is WAY out of line, as in – she is sounding batshit crazy. Is there a chain of command that perhaps you can file a complaint – or is it like most places where it will get worse instead of better?

    Good luck – and many hugs, no one should have to deal with that. I hope the transition happens soon. Very soon.

  • Sodapop says:

    Sarah – yeah it happens every few days here. Makes it even more miserable, heh. I’m actively looking in the Atlanta area and am hoping to get something lined up pretty quick. thank you!

    Fantastagirl – she is batshit crazy. Horribly so. She’s been doing this job for 15 years and this is the first time she’s ever been a supervisor. it shows. It would get 10x worse for me if I were to take it up the chain of command. I am trying to keep my head below the radar and just do what I can with what I have until I find something.

    Thanks 🙂 <3