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The one where you’ll say I shared too much information…

Yeah this is one of those posts.  Where you’ll be reading this thinking “holy shit!  I can’t believe she shared that!”  Or something like “I would never share that information on the internet!”

Go ahead and get it out of your system and/or click the little X up in the upper right corner cause I’m about to get more informational than you will care for, I’m sure.

This post has to do with my physical health.  My mental health seems to be leveling out and I know what direction I want to go in and I’m moving forward with that. 

However, my physical health goes back and forth, like a little roller coaster set in perpetual ON mode, I’m going up and back, around and down and up and down.  You get the picture.

1.   First up are my wrists.  I was diagnosed in 1997 with carpal tunnel in my left wrist.  They put me in a brace and gave me some script strength ibuprofen and sent me on my way.  In 2000, I had to have surgery on said left hand due to carpel tunnel syndrome.  After months of healing and recovery from that, the CTS came back along with a new friend called tendinitis in both hands.  The tendinitis was in the thumb tendons and it even had it’s own fancy name called De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis.  Yeah, it sounds a lot worse than it really is, but it is painful.   In 2004, I had surgery on my right hand to release that tendon in my thumb.  When I was all done with that recovery and healing process?  It sorta came back.  Okay, nothing “sorta” about it.  It came back full force and both of my hands (and I) suffer trememdous pain from it.

I asked my hand specialist at the time, “What can I do to stop this from recurring?”  His response to me was simple, so simple a little kid would know it.  He said “Stop doing what you’re doing for a living and it’ll go away and never come back.”  Ummm right.  I type and/or write for a living since I do administrative/clerical type stuff!  I write things down all the time for this job.  I type all the time for this job.  No way could I give it up at this point.  Here I am, almost 10 years from the original surgery on my left hand and I’m in more pain today than I was back then.  That’s for damn sure!

2.   Next is my right foot.  I have what they call a Morton’s Neuroma in between the 4th and 5th toes.  Which is odd, because MN usually occurs between the 3rd and 4th.  This little thing on my nerve acts up, usually in the winter when my shoes pinch my toes together, effectively pinching that nerve the growth is on.  During the summer, it’s not as bad since I wear a lot of open toed shoes and looser fitting shoes.

The solution for this one is to have that portion of the nerve removed.  Effectively killing all feeling in the right half of my right foot.  I would have no feeling from my middle toe outward to the pinky toe and all the way back to my heal.  No thanks.  I’ll deal with the pain.  Although the pain can be something fierce some days, I tend to just go through it.

My hands and my foot have been hurting for so long, I tend to not complain about them unless they are really super bad

3.  Also with my feet, I visited a Podiatrist several years ago to have my ingrown toe nails removed from the big toes.  My poor Mom sat through that procedure and got to watch me jump outta my skin when he gave me a shot of the numbing stuff (right under the toenail of the big toe).  Awesome, great times!  

He removed the ingrown nails and poured that acid on them that was supposed to kill the nail growth, ya know?  Kill the nail growth so that part of my toenail does not grow anymore.  Needless to say, here I am a few years later with WORSE in grown toe nails than before.  Awesome stuff.

4.  Last, but not least, and the real reason I wrote this post….IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) makes me miserable more days than I can count in a month.  It is one of the worst things to deal with.  I’m currently dealing with a bout of the diarrhea portion of this and it’s driving me mad!!! 

It has, more times than not, been the cause of my use of sick leave around here.  I believe this will lead me to having a chat with the doctor again about treatment for the IBS.  It’s the most uncomfortable.  The others, I can handle for the most part and when I can’t, I just ice my hands, my foot and carry on with the day.

Yes.  I would rather deal with the pain in my hands AND foot at the same time than deal with this IBS bullshit (pretty literally!)

If you made it this far, thank you for letting me vent so much and whine a lot.  Now, send me some cheese?

Until next time…

7 Responses to “The one where you’ll say I shared too much information…”

  • Sarah says:

    Oh my! Yikes!!
    I know what you mean about the IBS. I have it as well (it’s a family thing my dad gave all of us, :(). Its caused all sorts of probs for me 🙁

    Good luck with all of them!!

  • Miss Britt says:

    JEEZUS, lady, that’s a lot to walk around with!

  • Sodapop says:

    Sarah, yeah it sucks big time! I notice stress more than anything makes it act up and since I’ve been so stressed over the math class I’m in, it’s been really bad. 🙁 thanks!

    Miss Britt, indeed it is! And I didn’t even mention the allergy/sinus or migraine problems heh. I figured those few listed were enough for now.

  • Sarah says:

    Definitely can be aggravated by stress. 🙁 *hugs*
    Good luck with the math class!!

  • Hilly says:

    Hey, all of my tendonitis issues ended with a bad case of De Quervain’s! I never have truly known anyone else who had it. Sorry you do!

  • Sodapop says:

    Hilly, wow! I’ve never met anyone who has had it. Did you end up having surgery for it? I’m sorry you had it at all, it sucks!

  • bubblewench says:

    Woman, I hope you get some relief somewhere in there! Hope the doc can give you something better for the IBS.