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What is this thing you call motivation?

I’ve been thinking about motivation lately.  Mirriam-Webster defines this as the act or process of motivating or a motivating force, stimulus or influence.

I haven’t been motivated at work in quite some time.  I have not made it a secret on this blog or in my real life (except at work) that I’m unhappy in my job.   There are several reasons for this, a lot of it being me and I’m not afraid to own my part in my own happiness at this job.

I was reading Yahoo news and found this article and what bosses should never say…And amazingly?  There are four things on this list that HAS happened to me at work.  I attribute half of my lack of motivation on this stuff!  The two that really stick out in my mind from this list are:

3. “I was here on Saturday afternoon. Where were you?” This kind of “subtle” pressure to work 24/7 is a good way to burn out your employees. You won’t get that much more productivity out of them, and you will destroy morale. You may choose to work seven days a week. That’s your call. But your employees shouldn’t have to. If you observe that they are working way more than their job descriptions call for, consider that maybe it’s because you’re overloading them. Look for ways to fix this problem.

You see, before P and I were hired here, there was just the two of them running the personnel/payroll section.  They worked from 6am to 8pm most days and weekends.  Not only did they have their own jobs to do, but the jobs P and I now do had to get done as well.  Payroll and OSHA/workers comp stuff is time consuming and that’s only a shadow of what my job is.

I’m tired of hearing it.  I’m tired of hearing how they come in at 6am and don’t leave until well after I’ve gone home for the day.  I’m not allowed to work overtime except on payroll Mondays and then if they have a clerical project going on and need a super fast typist. 

I totally get that you ran this place by yourselves for 2.5 years.  I get it.  But you don’t do that anymore, so shut up about it.  Because really?  It just shows me how bitter you are and how much of a martyr you are.

The other thing on this list that rears it’s ugly head for me to deal with on a daily basis is:

5. “We’ve always done it this way.” Want to crush your employees’ initiative? This is a good way. News flash: Your employees may actually have a pretty good idea of how to do their jobs. Maybe they know even more than you. Your job as boss is to encourage them to have the energy and motivation to be innovative. In fact, employees who come up with better ways to do things should be celebrated and rewarded. (Hint: Cash is nice.)

Ahhhh yes.  My absolute favorite thing to hear around the office.  I’ve tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to bring this office to the 21st century.  Yanno?  Upgrade a few processes, stop tracking shit by hand, keep spreadsheets, etc etc.  Oh no, those are wrong.  *le sigh*  Killed my motivation so many times I can not begin to tell you how many times I have wanted to scream.

I track vacation, sick, personal time, personal days, comp time and floating holidays.   Each one of these are tracked differently, in separate locations and different papers scattered throughout my office.  I’ve tried to make this job easier on me by putting a lot of this stuff in spreadsheets in Excel.  Not allowed.  Have been forced to go back to the handwritten, completely different than the other 3 leaves I track way.  Nice.  Frustrating too!

And on that note, I am grateful I have a job.  I am grateful I have loving family and friends who support me.  I have a roof over my head nightly, I have food in my belly daily and I have the unconditional love my puppers Josie.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

Until next time…

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