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Nature is harsh enough, we don’t need to be.

I was watching Temple Grandin over the weekend and the post title is similar to something she said in the movie.  She, of course, was talking about cattle and how they are raised for slaughter.  I, of course, am talking about human behavior and how we treat each other.

I read blog posts every few days and I just read one today that made me seething mad.  Someone went to a girl she thought she could trust to talk about some stuff bothering her.   This person she went too, turned on her and basically verbally chewed her out.  It pissed me off.  It made me livid.

Recently, I was involved in a discussion on a Facebook status message comment and it was centered around how someone had treated this friend. 

I hate that some people think they have the right to express themselves rudely, use things against others and make the person feel less than.  Or hurt the person’s feelings.  Or whatever the case may be. 

These two situations made me happy I’ve cut my close knit group of friends down to a minimum and not one person in my life right now has ALL of my secrets or information.  I don’t post everything that happens to me on Facebook anymore.  I don’t post here about everything that happens to me.  I have a handful of people I KNOW I can trust and they know 95% of what I go through.  The other 5% is for me and God.

I am opinionated and I am aggressive.  I am honest and I am assertive.  I do not hide behind a facade of anything.  I don’t know how to do that.  I know how to be Sodapop.  I know how to be the person I am becoming.

I go through evolutions and changes, just like everyone else.  And I can honestly and wonderfully say I’ve yet to purposefully hurt anyone with my words.  I have not once used information from past or present against someone.  I have not once told someone to “get over it, other people have it worse” or anything along those lines. 

I don’t give a FUCK what other people have.  When I’m going through something, why would I worry about others?  I’m trying to figure my own shit out.  Sometimes, though, it does help me to help others and in turn, I figure out the answer to my current problem.  If I’m talking about MY problems?  That’s all that matters to me at that moment.  As my friend, wouldn’t it be beneficial to our friendship to at least pretend to listen or care?  If I’m struggling with someone, why on God’s green earth would someone make me feel so stupid and not worthy of expressing myself?

To people like that, fuck you.  How dare you make anyone else feel worthless or less than.  We all have our problems, sure.  We all have issues, sure.  But show some humanly respect and common courtesy and know that something that may be bugging me or the girl next to me, could mean something.  It could mean something so important to that person sharing it, you would only serve to belittle their feelings if you jump down their shit.  Seriously.

Common courtesy is the act of being kind.  Period.  Be kind.  Do the next right thing.  Don’t be a douche and try to make the other person feel stupid.  Did that make you feel better?  Did that make you feel better than her?  WTF!

Be kind, be respectful and don’t make someone feel stupid for expressing themselves.

Until next time…

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