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The best part of my vacation…

The best part of my vacation, besides getting to see old friends and some family, was most likely this:

This was the view from our hotel room in San Diego, CA.  We were on the 11th floor of the Holiday Inn by the Bay.  It was beautiful and majestic.  When I need to imagine I’m in my “happy” place, this is the view I see when I close my eyes.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and were there until Monday morning sometime.  The balcony provided me a place to take tons of photos (91 total) and a place to do my morning prayers and meditation before getting the day started.

Just on a side note, some of the swelling is going down on some of my injuries, which I’m grateful for.  I’m sure I’ll eventually do a post about the actual car accident.  It was the first of my life when I was the person driving.  It was traumatizing really.  I’m blessed to be be here typing this and still breathing.

Until next time…

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