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Monday the 21st and Tuesday February 22 – Days 51 & 52

I was really distracted yesterday, due to a very good friend being in a car accident in Arizona and trying to remain updated on all the conditions of her family and her.

I didn’t hear back from the Trainer yesterday or today, so we went back and repeated a few he’d already given us.  Monday, we repeated the 100 sit ups; 10 burpees; 50 sit ups; 10 burpees; 25 sit ups; 10 burpees.  Yes.  I willingly did burpees without him telling me to do them.  Ugh.  I’m becoming addicted to this Crossfit thing, I’m sure of it.

Today’s workout was kinda chosen by both of us – my workout partner went through a list of workouts we’d already done and I said okay to this one.

20 OH lunges (overhead lunges) with 10 pounds
20 squats
20 bent over rows w/barbell
50 sit ups
3 rounds

This made my knees weak, which I think was a repeat of how I felt the first time I did it lol.  It was a lot harder than it looked on paper, that’s for sure.  We did it in fairly good time and even had a little time to chat with the P1 guys as they were starting their workout when we finished.

I’m hoping the Trainer is okay.  He usually always gets back to us the same day and when he doesn’t, he apologizes the next day when he realizes he missed us.  Since we didn’t hear from him either day, I’m a little concerned.  Tomorrow is his duty day, so I’ll see him in the morning to make sure he’s alright.

We are thinking of shaking things up a bit sometime soon and starting to run the stairs at the training academy a few times a week.

These are the stairs we are thinking of doing:

We used to run these 2-3 times a week before we started walking downtown and then doing Crossfit.  The last time I ran these, I was smoking a pack a day and could barely do these outside stairs three times without falling over.  I’d love to see what I can do now!

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