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Thursday March 24 – Day 73

Once again, my emotions played havoc with my ability to stay smoke free.  I caved and had a few cigarettes today (more on this later!)

5 stair runs
25 cal on bike
40 lunges
30 sit ups w/5# weights on chest
20 db shoulder press (20# used)
10 tricep dips

Huh.  Just one round?  Really?  Interesting!  I figured it must be harder than it looks on paper when I wrote it down. 

It wasn’t super hard, but it definitely wasn’t easy.  The tricep dips had me a little snookered cause I knew there was NO way I could it the way he does.  He uses the parallel bars we have that is part of the pull up bar set up.  I can hardly do a pull up, I just couldn’t see myself doing that on those.  I used the weight bench for those and did okay with them.

Some days, I think he goes easy on me.  I know that tomorrow, he won’t. 

I went all day without a cigarette in the office.  I had smoked one before work and one on my lunch break.  At around 3pm, I just caved and had to have one.  I went downstairs, smoked and when I was coming back in, I saw a truck that looked like The Trainers.  I didn’t think anything of it cause he’s on vacation and even if he wasn’t, it was P1 today – not P2 (his duty day).

I walked into the kitchen to get some water and as I was coming out, guess who I saw?  Uh huh.  You guessed it.  There I was in my winter coat, walking upstairs and there The Trainer was.  *sigh* 

We chatted for a second cause I asked him what he was doing there, he’s supposed to be in Florida.  As I finished walking into my office, I was FREAKING out.  Of all people to run into when I cave and go have a smoke.  Seriously?  FFS I can’t even do something that I’m not supposed to do without running into someone!  Darn it!

Oh well.  I will just keep trying the smoking thing and obsessing on why I seem to always run into him when I’m caving with the smoking thing.  It’s a sign, I’m sure.

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