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Archive for April, 2011

Friday April 29 – Day 94

I was still moving pretty slowly from the workout of Wednesday.  My legs were sore and my hips were not pleased with me.  I asked him for a workout but didn’t hear back until the very end of the day and the first thing he asked about was my shoulder.  I let him know it had been pretty sore all day, so he gave me this (cried when I read it):

150 cal on bike
10 stair runs
200 sit ups

Seriously?  I struggled greatly with the bike, since my hips and legs were still sore – but I did it!  I then broke the stair runs and sit ups up.  I did 5 stair runs and 100 situps and then 5 stair runs and 100 sit ups.  Amazingly my abs don’t hurt today – it’s still just my hips and legs.

I was showing an apartment here at my second job and someone asked me what I did to my hip (?) said that’s obvious I’m hurting.  *sigh*  Hope that shit goes away by Monday so I’m ready for my next workout!

I also cannot wait until my shoulder is 100% again so I can actually do some lifting and get back into that portion of my working out.  I miss doing the push presses!


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Thursday April 28 Day 93

I could hardly move today, my legs and back side are so sore from yesterday’s workout.  It reminded me of when we first started doing this crap.  Holy hell!  Even still, I’m sore and I whimper when I move.

I knew if I wanted to loosen it up a bit, I needed to workout so I asked the Trainer for a workout, but never heard back from him.  Of course, I had to make something up and I did not make it a difficult one.  I knew I could blow through it and get home by 5:30.

100 sit ups
40 jump rope
100 sit ups
40 jump rope

And that was all she wrote.  I never, ever feel like I get anything from the workouts I make up, so I am going to push myself a little more with the next one.

I’m still waiting on my shoulder to be 100% so that I can actually do some lifting, besides deadlifts.

Wednesday April 27 Day 92

I can barely walk.  My thighs are on fire and I feel shaky from this workout today.  I’ve cussed him out already and I’ve even let a few tears fall.  I did, however, wait to let the tears fall until I was OUT of the gym and away from the platoon guys.  I refuse to cry in front of them.  lol

50 cal on bike
50 squats
50 lunges
4 rounds

The f*cking workout took me an hour and 20 minutes, but I did every.single.set and every.single.round.

After I got home, I did text him and tell him that I like working out when they are down there too cause I push myself a little more and pushing myself seems to be a big theme with him lately, he keeps telling me to push myself.  So when he’s there, it’s easier for me to do that.

Now I have to go find some food and then head out to the union meeting.  Cross your fingers my legs hold out!

Monday April 25 Day 90 & Tuesday April 26 Day 91

I forgot to post yesterday, I don’t know why.  I think it’s because I ended up making up my own workout and I get tired of telling you how much I hate doing that lol.  I repeated a version of what he gave me Thursday of last week, when I went down to the gym on Monday.  I did:

100 calories on the bike
3 stair runs
100 sit ups
75 squats

It was enough to exhaust me, but I didn’t really “feel” it if that makes sense.

Today, I texted The Trainer pretty early and asked him not to forget me today, as I dislike making up my own workouts cause they are never as challenging compared to when he gives me something.   He asked how my shoulder was and I told him it was at about 95%, still got achy throughout the day, but no pain on a regular basis.

As the day wore on, and I didn’t hear from him, I decided to text him again a little after 3pm.  And this is what he gave me to do:

5 stair runs
25 deadlifts (I did 90 pounds)
25 burpees
100 calories on the bike
2 rounds

I hated him instantly.  I knew I was going to cuss him out.  I knew it!

I completed the first round with no problems – at all.  The shoulder held up great and I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the first set of burpees.  By the time I was ready to start the 2nd round, though, I was huffing and puffing and sucking air to catch my breath!  For the second round, I completed the stair runs and the deadlifts and 15 of the burpees before #1, I thought I was going to puke my guts out and #2, my shoulder gave in and started to bug a bit so I stopped.  I did try to do the second round of 100 calories on the bike, but only got to 25 calories burned for the 2nd round.

My shoulder feels okay, a little achy and “sore” from the workout, but I’m going to ice it for a bit while I start my Accounting homework.


Since I am a complete ditz, I forgot to call my oldest nephew on his birthday.  I will rectifying that in the morning and asking him to forgive me.

Until then….

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J!!!!  I hope it was magical and all things a young man would want in his birthday.

I love you and I miss you.


Friday April 22 – Day 89

I sent a text to The Trainer asking for a workout fairly early today, but never heard from him.  Unfortunately, since I dislike making up my own workouts now, I tend to half ass them.  I’ll most likely snitch on myself with that and ask him for a difficult one on Monday to make up for today.

I did:
100 calories on the bike
100 jump rope
100 sit ups

Pretty similar to what he’s given me before and just enough to get my heart rate going for awhile.  I’m still impatiently waiting for my shoulder to be 100% so I can actually do more exercises besides what I’ve been doing.

While those dead lifts and the burpees were given to me a little early, I miss doing shit like that.  I miss pushing myself to get this shit done!

After yesterday’s workout and awhile after I got home, I texted him and said “Shit like that – THAT is a GREAT way to remind me why I want to be a nonsmoker!  I felt like death for 30-45 minutes after I finished.”  His response?  Oh so simple and oh so him “Nice…that makes me smile…”  Pfft.  So I told him I figured it would and I was pleased I pushed myself to finish it.  Hoping I get something like it again on Monday.

Yes.  I know.  It sounds crazy.  I’m getting used to my crazy when it comes to these workouts.  I look forward to when he gives me something that challenges me.  He’s patient with me, he gives me things he knows I can do.  He believes in my abilities to do these workouts, even when I don’t.

I think we all need that.  We all need someone to believe in us when we can’t or don’t know how.

Thursday April 21 – Day 88

I found out fairly early that The Trainer was detailed to another firehouse for the day, so I texted him and asked him for a workout.

As the day progressed, I realized I may not hear from him if he’s busy and what not, so I came up with something to do.  We all know I don’t push myself HALF as much when I make up my own, as I do when he gives me something.

I was getting my stuff together to go change when I got a text message.  I checked it.  *sigh*  Why’d I have to check it?!?!

100 calories on bike
5 stair runs
100 jump squats
100 sit ups

Ummm.  My first thought was:  Should I cry now or save it for when I’m done?   I saved it for when I was done because I truly felt like death.

It looks ugly, doesn’t it?  You should try it *ahem*  It was HORRIBLE!  But ya know what?  I freaking did it.  I did every calorie, every stair run, every jump squat and every sit up.  I did it.

I think he was trying to kick my ass, he did a good job of it actually.  I think he somehow found out I had two pieces of chocolate cake at the retirement party today.  Or it could just be that he wanted to kick my ass and make me push myself with stuff. 

Either way….it sucked.

Wednesday April 20

Today – I rested.

My shoulder has been bugging all day long, I didn’t get much sleep due to the severe weather we had last night and so I decided to rest.

I know.

I’m shocked too.  And I don’t even feel guilty about it!  That may change in a few hours, but I’m currently enjoying the ice packs on my shoulder and the Vicodin kicking in.

Hoping to fall asleep early tonight and be right as rain tomorrow morning.

Tuesday April 19 – Day 87

My trainer has great faith in me and my abilities with these workouts.  He tells me he knows I can do it (see yesterday’s post) when I question stuff.

I texted him this morning for a workout and I didn’t hear from him all day, so I prepared a workout for myself, came up with some stuff and was ready to kick my butt.  And then at 3:56, I got a text from him.  Uh oh.  We know what that means!  It’s going to be ugly!

5 stair runs
deadlifts and burpees
5 stair runs

GAH!  It was just as ugly to do it as it is to read it.  Trust me!

I scaled down the weight of the deadlifts.  I normally do 90, but scaled it down to 65 to give my shoulder a little less to do so I can work my way back up to the 90 without pain or discomfort.

I was really nervous.  It’s been three weeks since I’ve done any kind of lifting or weight bearing exercises.  He obviously believed I could do this and that my shoulder was ready.

The deadlifts were absolutely NO problem.  I didn’t feel any discomfort or pain.  The burpees, on the other hand, gave me fits.  It was actually the push up part of the burpee that felt funky.  But I did all but the last 4 burpees.  I even did the second set of 5 stair runs.

I am now icing my shoulder/neck area cause it was pretty sore when I got home and I’m icing my lower back where I usually get sore from the deadlifts.

Life is good.