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Tuesday April 19 – Day 87

My trainer has great faith in me and my abilities with these workouts.  He tells me he knows I can do it (see yesterday’s post) when I question stuff.

I texted him this morning for a workout and I didn’t hear from him all day, so I prepared a workout for myself, came up with some stuff and was ready to kick my butt.  And then at 3:56, I got a text from him.  Uh oh.  We know what that means!  It’s going to be ugly!

5 stair runs
deadlifts and burpees
5 stair runs

GAH!  It was just as ugly to do it as it is to read it.  Trust me!

I scaled down the weight of the deadlifts.  I normally do 90, but scaled it down to 65 to give my shoulder a little less to do so I can work my way back up to the 90 without pain or discomfort.

I was really nervous.  It’s been three weeks since I’ve done any kind of lifting or weight bearing exercises.  He obviously believed I could do this and that my shoulder was ready.

The deadlifts were absolutely NO problem.  I didn’t feel any discomfort or pain.  The burpees, on the other hand, gave me fits.  It was actually the push up part of the burpee that felt funky.  But I did all but the last 4 burpees.  I even did the second set of 5 stair runs.

I am now icing my shoulder/neck area cause it was pretty sore when I got home and I’m icing my lower back where I usually get sore from the deadlifts.

Life is good.

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