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Thursday April 21 – Day 88

I found out fairly early that The Trainer was detailed to another firehouse for the day, so I texted him and asked him for a workout.

As the day progressed, I realized I may not hear from him if he’s busy and what not, so I came up with something to do.  We all know I don’t push myself HALF as much when I make up my own, as I do when he gives me something.

I was getting my stuff together to go change when I got a text message.  I checked it.  *sigh*  Why’d I have to check it?!?!

100 calories on bike
5 stair runs
100 jump squats
100 sit ups

Ummm.  My first thought was:  Should I cry now or save it for when I’m done?   I saved it for when I was done because I truly felt like death.

It looks ugly, doesn’t it?  You should try it *ahem*  It was HORRIBLE!  But ya know what?  I freaking did it.  I did every calorie, every stair run, every jump squat and every sit up.  I did it.

I think he was trying to kick my ass, he did a good job of it actually.  I think he somehow found out I had two pieces of chocolate cake at the retirement party today.  Or it could just be that he wanted to kick my ass and make me push myself with stuff. 

Either way….it sucked.

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