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Friday April 22 – Day 89

I sent a text to The Trainer asking for a workout fairly early today, but never heard from him.  Unfortunately, since I dislike making up my own workouts now, I tend to half ass them.  I’ll most likely snitch on myself with that and ask him for a difficult one on Monday to make up for today.

I did:
100 calories on the bike
100 jump rope
100 sit ups

Pretty similar to what he’s given me before and just enough to get my heart rate going for awhile.  I’m still impatiently waiting for my shoulder to be 100% so I can actually do more exercises besides what I’ve been doing.

While those dead lifts and the burpees were given to me a little early, I miss doing shit like that.  I miss pushing myself to get this shit done!

After yesterday’s workout and awhile after I got home, I texted him and said “Shit like that – THAT is a GREAT way to remind me why I want to be a nonsmoker!  I felt like death for 30-45 minutes after I finished.”  His response?  Oh so simple and oh so him “Nice…that makes me smile…”  Pfft.  So I told him I figured it would and I was pleased I pushed myself to finish it.  Hoping I get something like it again on Monday.

Yes.  I know.  It sounds crazy.  I’m getting used to my crazy when it comes to these workouts.  I look forward to when he gives me something that challenges me.  He’s patient with me, he gives me things he knows I can do.  He believes in my abilities to do these workouts, even when I don’t.

I think we all need that.  We all need someone to believe in us when we can’t or don’t know how.

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