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Wednesday April 27 Day 92

I can barely walk.  My thighs are on fire and I feel shaky from this workout today.  I’ve cussed him out already and I’ve even let a few tears fall.  I did, however, wait to let the tears fall until I was OUT of the gym and away from the platoon guys.  I refuse to cry in front of them.  lol

50 cal on bike
50 squats
50 lunges
4 rounds

The f*cking workout took me an hour and 20 minutes, but I did every.single.set and every.single.round.

After I got home, I did text him and tell him that I like working out when they are down there too cause I push myself a little more and pushing myself seems to be a big theme with him lately, he keeps telling me to push myself.  So when he’s there, it’s easier for me to do that.

Now I have to go find some food and then head out to the union meeting.  Cross your fingers my legs hold out!

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