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Friday April 29 – Day 94

I was still moving pretty slowly from the workout of Wednesday.  My legs were sore and my hips were not pleased with me.  I asked him for a workout but didn’t hear back until the very end of the day and the first thing he asked about was my shoulder.  I let him know it had been pretty sore all day, so he gave me this (cried when I read it):

150 cal on bike
10 stair runs
200 sit ups

Seriously?  I struggled greatly with the bike, since my hips and legs were still sore – but I did it!  I then broke the stair runs and sit ups up.  I did 5 stair runs and 100 situps and then 5 stair runs and 100 sit ups.  Amazingly my abs don’t hurt today – it’s still just my hips and legs.

I was showing an apartment here at my second job and someone asked me what I did to my hip (?) said that’s obvious I’m hurting.  *sigh*  Hope that shit goes away by Monday so I’m ready for my next workout!

I also cannot wait until my shoulder is 100% again so I can actually do some lifting and get back into that portion of my working out.  I miss doing the push presses!


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