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Day 118 (Thursday) and Friday June 17 – Day 119

I made my way downstairs to the gym yesterday and I felt like I was in a funk.  I did 300 jump ropes and 150 calories on the bike.  I was half assin it for sure.  As soon as I was done, I texted The Trainer and told him I think I need to start harassing him everyday for a workout because I am so not creative with these things and I found myself doing the same shit over and over.  Seriously can’t do much more, cause of the shoulder, but at least he throws some different things in there for me to do.

I saw him today and we were talking about my shoulder and how much I’d give to be able to do a burpee right now.  He knew it was bad if *I* am wanting to do burpees.  I also said I’d be happy with a push up or two.  But since I can’t do those things yet, I asked him to come up with something for me.

25 squats
30 lunges
50 alt v ups
2 stair runs
3 rounds

I ended up doing sit ups instead of the alt v ups.  I didn’t realize how they would stretch my shoulder outta whack and make it kinda hurt.  It felt good.  He made it clear that I can text him everyday for a workout again.  He had to clarify that cause I told him I felt like I was bugging him.  He made it clear I was not, it’s basically his life.  When he’s not working at the firehouse, he’s at one of the two gyms he works at.

I’m seriously considering looking into some physical fitness classes to become a personal trainer.  Seriously how much money is he making on the side?

Now to go enjoy my two days off before PT again Monday and then workout on Tuesday.

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