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Thursday June 23 – Day 121

I started this journey 198 days ago, weight just about 195.  I now weight 174, after losing a total of 26 and then gaining a few pounds back in muscle and the lack of being able to lift weights.  I’ve lost 2 dress sizes, going from size 14 in most of my close, to a size 10 in some of my clothes.  My size 12 clothes still work and I just use a belt and hope they don’t fall off.

My goal had been to hit size 8 by the time summer started (June 21).  My shoulder injury sidelined that goal, so I’ve set a new one to just keep doing what I’m doing, working out hard with what I can do and doing exactly what the physical therapist and doctor tell me to do with the shoulder.

The Trainer was going to make something up for me, but they ended up having a run at 5 til 4pm.  So I knew, as I heard them pulling out of the firehouse, that I would be making something up myself.

100 cal on bike
75 sit ups
50 squats
100 jump ropes

Wasn’t much, but it sure kicked my ass.  I really need to set a quit date again and start trying to quit smoking again.  It kills my cardio stamina and since most of what I do is cardio related, I need to make that decision again.

I may do something here at home tomorrow, we’ll see how I’m feeling and how busy I am.  I may take Josie for a walk since it’s supposed to barely be 80 degrees.

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