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Archive for July, 2011

Tuesday July 26 – Day 134

The Trainer said he’s make something up for me, but they got busy so I didn’t want to interrupt whatever they were doing in the firehouse.

I made it up as I went:

150 jump ropes (there is something fascinating about this exercise….besides the fact my hair won’t stay up in the ponytail when I do it lol)
100 calories on the bike
50 squats
50 sit ups

Not much, but enough to please me.  I am now on vacation, so I won’t get a real workout until I come back.  Unless I text him from Vegas and ask for one on a few of the days I’ll be out there.  I did invest in a $3 jump rope at Walmart a few weeks ago, so I am taking that so I can use my aunt’s back deck/patio area to get some cardio in on a few of the days.

Monday July 25 – Day 133

Since I missed Friday and then it was the weekend, I was hoping the Trainer would remember to send me something after I asked him too.  Kind of wishing he had forgotten!

200 calories on the bike
200 sit ups


I ended up doing:
100 calories on the bike
100 jump ropes
175 sit ups

I would call him names, but since I ask for them, I can’t fuss at him too much.  Or can I?

Thursday July 21 – Day 132

I never heard back from the Trainer today, so I made something up that would be quick and would not kill me in the 115 (or whatever it was) heat index temps with humidity so thick I thought my lungs were filling up with water.

100 jump ropes
75 calories on bike
50 squats
30 sit ups

I then melted into a pile of mush on the blue mat in the gym lol

Wednesday July 20 – Day 131

I’m a glutton for punishment.  Or my obsession with remaining fit has become higher and more intense.  I constantly ask for this shit from The Trainer….

100 cal on bike
100 sit ups
100 squats
100 lunges

I ended up only doing 60 lunges – but I did the rest of it.  KICKED MY BUTT!

I got home at 5:50 and was in the shower by 6pm.  I am exhausted.  I’m glad I don’t have to do anything tonight.

Remaining accountable…

I skipped my workout today.  We had no A/C in the office, but I ended up sitting on the other side of the building so that wasn’t why I skipped it.  I skipped it because the union had our annual family picnic and I chose to go to that.

I may miss tomorrow too.  I have a meeting at 1pm, that is scheduled for 2 hours and then I have my physical therapy appointment at 4pm.  I may end up rescheduling the PT appointment.  If I do that, I’ll do my workout.  If I don’t, then I won’t be working out tomorrow either – unless I decide to use the elliptical here at home.

Here’s what I know….about me

I don’t know everything and I hope to never know everything.  If I did, it would be one boring world I’m living in, ya know?  I hope to always be open to change, evolution of self and finding new and exciting subjects to read/learn about.

  • I am a recovering compulsive gambler and will be forever.
  • I have many defects of character that I work on daily.  Some days are better than others.
  • I make mistakes all the time.  I just own them and move forward most of the time.
  • I am my own worst enemy.  You don’t need to point out my defects.  I do that well enough on my own and beat myself up for it.
  • I am a DUI offender and spent 22 hours in jail.  I have yet to forgive myself for that.
  • I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol anymore.  I had a glass of sangria last night and that was it.  It actually gave me a headache.
  • I look for and reach out for help all the time.  Accepting that help is always hardest for me when I ask for it.  I don’t know why that is.
  • I’ve never been anything but honest with myself and others about my addiction.  I work on remaining that way everyday.  My addiction would have me hiding and lying all the time.
  • I’ve made some poor decisions in my life, it doesn’t make me a bad person.
  • As I approach my 10 years without a bet, when thinking back on the last decade as if it was just yesterday and it makes me feel squirrel-y.
  • I’m grateful I get to celebrate those 10 years (through the Grace of God) in the room I started GA in.
  • I learned more about myself in the four days I spent with my dad and his family than I ever did in that decade without a bet.
  • I’m learning to forgive myself so that I may forgive others.  Not so easy most days.

This is a bit of what I know about me.  I learn something new all the time.

Until next time…

Friday July 15 – Day 130

Fairly early in the day, I asked The Trainer for a workout.  A few hours later, he sent me the workout.  Let me just say, before posting it and then giving my thoughts on it that after I read it I wanted to cry.  Literally wanted to curl up in a ball somewhere and cry.

30 lunges
30 sit ups
30 cal on bike
30 squats
10 stair runs
30 alt v ups (did regular v ups cause the alternating ones hurt my shoulder)
30 Russian twists
30 supermans (lay on stomach with arms extended in front, lift arms and legs at same time, hold for 5 seconds)
As fast as possible

The stairs killed me.  It was horrible!  Since the little window a/c unit we have down there is a POS, it was wicked hot in the gym when I got down there.  This workout made it 10x worse.

The good news, I finished it all and I can now relax for the next two days before asking him for more torture.

Thursday July 14 – Day 129

My legs were pretty sore from the lunges yesterday, but I figured I’d ask for a workout anyway.  Wowzers.  What was I thinking?

10 jump squats
20 cal on bike
30 sit ups
15 minutes – AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

I did one full round before remembering to turn on the timer.  Ooops!  And then I did 4 rounds plus 10 jump squats and 12 more calories on the bike.

Originally, he wanted me to do 20 push ups and I had to remind him about my shoulder.  Would LOVE to do that, however, my physical therapist and I would not appreciate it much when my shoulder went downhill instead of progressing the way it is.

And now that I can hardly walk due to the lunges yesterday and jump squats today, I’m going to go relax until it’s time for school at 8pm.

Life is an adventure in forgiveness

What a crazy few weeks it’s been!  Work has been incredibly stressful with all the changes going on and people freaking out over them.  Not much work is getting done on that end of things.  I try to keep my head under the radar, do my job, get my workout in and then go home.  Some days it’s easier to do that than others.  Some days, like today, I find myself being set up for failure and it makes me cranky.  Thankfully, my chain of command has pretty much imploded and I go straight to their boss with stuff.  He understands my frustration and lets me vent when they do and say stuff out of line.

My PT is going well and my shoulder is healing up nicely.  It’s still winging, just not as bad as before, and I’m still having trouble with the neck/shoulder area getting tight/tense and locking up everything else.  My therapist massages that area and works on the range of motion for the ball and socket area of my shoulder.  She’s also started me lifting some light weights (YAY!) and I’m only going to see her once a week now.

I was watching OZ on HBOGO last week and during one of the episodes, Augustus Hill (the character who narrates most of the show) says “Life is an adventure in forgiveness.”  I found myself really thinking about those words and trying to figure out how I felt about them.  Sometimes, someone will say or do something that will get me into a reflective mood and I’ll analyze and journal and prayer until I figure it out.   Most of the time, when I do that, I realize I haven’t truly forgiven myself for something and then that will set off another session of reflection and writing in my journal.  Progress, not perfection, right?  I will keep working on my defects of character (I have many) and just keeping putting one foot in front of the other.

Until next time…

Wednesday July 13 – Day 128

I sent a request for a workout and he did not disappoint.  He also kicked my ass.

50 lunges
50 cal on bike
50 sit ups
4 rounds

The lunges did me in!  Holy hell those hurt!  I was laying on the blue mat after my last round of sit ups, thinking to myself for f*cks sake! How am I going to climb those stairs to go get my stuff and go home? I also sent that to him and his response?  “Sweet….mission accomplished.”   Jackass.

I checked the machine I thought would help me with my physical therapy exercises and it’s a no-go.  Not the type of machine I need so I won’t be able to incorporate those exercises from yesterday.  Bummer!