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Archive for September, 2011

Friday September 30 – Day 170

Oh boy.  I wanted to hurt him by the time I was done.  Seriously!  I started late cause they were out at some Mayor thing and he was running a little slow.  He also ate paper.  o_O

100 cal on bike
5 stair runs
100 sit ups
3 rounds

Really?!  I did a full two rounds and in the third round I did 80 calories and 70 sit ups – but I did all the stair runs.

Now to enjoy my weekend!

Wednesday September 28 Day 168 & Thursday September 29 Day 169

Yesterday, I knew he was going to be rough with the workout since I’ve still been struggling with the smoking thing.  He did not disappoint

50 lunges
50 cal on bike
50 sit ups
50 cal on bike
50 jump squats
2 rounds

All I can say is OUCH!

Today, he never got back to me so I half assed it cause my head just wasn’t into beating myself up anymore than I already do mentally.  I made it up as I went.

3 stair runs
100 sit ups
50 each arm – light weight one arm rows
30 squats
5 stair runs

Not much, but it was something.

Monday September 26 – Day 167

I sent a text to The Trainer pretty early asking for a workout.  I let him know that I’m skipping today (Tuesday) so to make it difficult if he feels like it.

In a way, I think he listened.  In another way, not so much.  It looked harder on paper than it actually was to do.  Although, I’m sure my thighs would disagree after doing all those squats!

100 sit ups
100 Russian twists
100 squats
100 (total) one arm rows – light weight
2 rounds

Not too bad.  My shoulder didn’t like the rows today, but I made it through without killing myself.  One of the guys who is on a 40 hour schedule now and works out everyday told me he would see me “tomorrow” I told him nope, I’m skipping it tomorrow.  I think his jaw hit the floor.  I am always working out Monday through Friday after 4pm.  It’s a rare day for me to skip a day.

I’ll be back at it tomorrow!

What have you been up to?

Well hey there!  I feel like I haven’t blogged here in weeks.  Oh wait.  I haven’t!  I decided to pop on over here and update everyone on my life.  Because I know you’ve been waiting on this.

I hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying your life and being happy.  Life is way too short to be anything but happy in my opinion.  We get shit thrown at us from all sides and it’s up to us how we deal with all that.  I slip and fall, but I get right back up and keep plodding forward.  It’s the only thing we can do, right?  I mean, the other option is not acceptable, so I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and remind myself to breathe every now and then.  When I get super stressed or upset, I tend to forget to take a breath and I like to remind myself  to breathe.

Life is quite interesting right now, lots of things going on.  Some good, some bad, and some great.  My shoulder is healing up quite nicely and instead of having the shoulder blade sitting an inch and a half away from my spine in resting position, it is now a quarter of an inch away at resting position.  This is good!  I’m also able to do one arm bent rows with 5 pounds, so it’s a start to get me back to lifting like I want to lift.   I am still working out almost every day Monday through Friday.  I rarely miss a day.  And when I do it’s because of a doctor’s or physical therapy appointment.

Things at work are quite strange now.  One person left and the other is staying due to them creating a position and deleting another position for her.  I can deal with this one so I’m not super upset anymore.  When it first happened, I was upset and then I started looking for the positives and I have found them.  I’m good with this.

Financially, I’m still struggling.  But I’m trying and I’m improving at it.  I’m cutting back some more, not over spending and doing what I need to do to fix all the shit I’ve created.  It’s stressful and overwhelming some days, but I just keep breathing and keep moving forward.  I’ll get there.  I have faith that I will be okay and that my Higher Power will guide me in all of this.

I’m also done with school.  I now am a college graduate.  I won’t be traveling to walk in the ceremony in January but I know have an Associate’s in Applied Science degree in Public Administration.   I’m still debating on whether to go back for my Bachelors or just leave it at the AAS.  I don’t know how I feel about going back into school for another 2 years or however long.

I’m sitting here enjoying my hazelnut coffee and watching the VH-1 top 20 countdown.  I love music videos.  Then again, I just love music.  The guys at work, however, do not like the music I listen to when I’m working out.  They think it’s too angry and mean.  I listen to Godsmack, Disturbed, Eminem, Chevelle and Three Days Grace type music when I work out.  I want something fast and furious to motivate me to move fast to finish those brutal workouts he gives me.  Oh well, can’t please everyone can we?

Take care of you!

Until next time…

Thursday September 22 Day 165 and Friday September 23 Day 166

I forgot to post yesterday for some reason.  You’d think I’d remember it since I do it everyday.  Oh well!

Thursday Day 165 –
5 stair runs
50 cal on bike
3 rounds – fast

I took the fast and pretended it wasn’t there, but I did the entire workout and it kicked my butt.  But I realized I didn’t struggle with my breathing like I normally do when he gives me shit like that.

Friday Day 166

He had not gotten back to me by 2:30, so I texted him and said that if I half assed a workout today, it would be his fault because he keeps forgetting to send me stuff.  HA!  Holy crap was that a bad move.

100 squats
100 lunges
100 sit ups
100 Russian Twists
100 cal on bike

o_O Seriously?  Actually it didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would, but don’t get me wrong….it hurt.

Someone remind me to stop taunting him like that when he forgets to send me stuff.  kthx

Wednesday September 21 – 164

Apparently, I hurt myself more than I thought when I fell forward during those step ups the other day.  My left knee and left wrist were raging all day yesterday and my knee ended up swelling.  I skipped my workout, came home and iced the knee all night.

It felt great today until I saw what the Trainer wrote on the white board for me.  *sigh*

20 lunges
20 sit ups
20 cal on bike
7 rounds

7 rounds?  Really?  Probably going to start giving me sh*t like this to work it up to 10 rounds of sh*t like this.  Holy crap.  As he walked away from the white board, he said “have fun with that one.”  He was laughing as he went upstairs after hearing me cuss him out.

This workout was fairly easy to do, even though it doesn’t look easy on paper.  The lunges got to me in round 6, but I finished all 7 rounds and it only took me 35 minutes for the entire thing.  Next time, I can work at going a little faster to beat that time.

I feel like I keep typing “headache” in place of workout.  This workout gave me a massive, raging headache right behind my right eye and temple.  Holy crap!  It went away by the time I got home though, but dang it hurt!

Monday September 19 – 163

I’m not doing well on the whole quitting smoking thing.  And to make it worse, I’m now out of patches until at least Friday when I get paid.  Will do my best throughout the week and recycle this one patch from today and hopefully I can get some time under my belt again *sigh*

The Trainer remembered to send me something pretty early.  I like it when that happens cause then I don’t have to remind him or come up with something myself.

20 step ups
20 one arm rows – each arm – 5#
20 sit ups
20 cal on bike – fast
5 rounds

It looked fairly easy on paper.  *ahem*  Yeah.  Not so much in reality.  I almost fell flat on my face during the step ups.  I didn’t lift my left foot high enough to the bench I was using and almost toppled over.  Ugh.  To make it worse?  One of the guys was down there *sigh* Oh well!  I didn’t fall so that’s all that matters!

The guys did Fight Gone Bad today and that is just brutal.  It’s an annual workout/charity thing the Crossfit community does.
3 rounds of:
1 min wall ball – 10 foot target (20#)
1 min Sumo deadlift high pull – 75#
1 min box jumps 20″ box
1 min push press – 75#
1 min on bike (fast) for calories
1 min rest

17 minutes of death if you ask me.  You combine all your reps and the calories on the bike for your total score.  Disgusting!  They tried to get me to do it, but ummm yeah.  The one day I’m grateful my wing is still broken.  lol

Friday September 16 – Day 162


10 sit ups
10 Russian twists
10 standing lunges each leg (were I doing walking lunges, that would be 20)
10 rounds – fast

I did this in 12:43.  The lunges slowed me WAY down.  I dislike lunges as it is and doing them standing still, one leg at a time made them seem worse than they normally are.  Pfft.  Whatever, I did them.

I also did 10 (each arm) bent rows with a 5 pound dumbell – twice.  So I did a total of 20 of the bent rows that my therapist said I could do.  I can see why she wants me using 5 pounds.  Ouch.  Lots of work ahead for this right arm of mine!

Thursday September 15 – Day 161

Update on shoulder:  It is now only 1/4 of an inch away from aligning with my spine like it’s supposed to be (also just like the left).  When I started this journey of PT in June, my shoulder blade was over an inch away from my spine where it’s supposed to be.  So we’ve come at least an inch in 5 months.  I’m thinking I’ll be near 100% in another month or so.  YAY!

I also kind of pressured her into approving me to do bent over rows.  The compromise was that I do them with only five pounds; with dumbbells and not both at the same time.  So I will be able to stand with my left leg forward and my left hand leaning on a surface while I do the right arm rows and then switch for the left arm.  5 pounds makes me wanna cry, but it’s a freaking start and I’m stoked!

50 cal on bike
50 sit ups
50 step ups
50 squats
3 rounds

OUCH!  I haven’t done step ups in awhile, so I was kind of glad to see something different.  I thanked him profusely for giving me something with variety lol

Now I’m in my comfy sweats, watching American Justice and I’m going to do a whole lot of nothing.

Tuesday September 13 – Day 160

I’m a little excited.  I go to PT tomorrow for most likely the last time unless the shoulder gets worse or I hurt something else (hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.  I like my therapist….but I’m ready to not see her again).  I will also find out when I can actually start doing more upper body and arms stuff during my workouts.

10 squats
10 sit ups
1 stair run
10 rounds – fast

This was an interesting way for him to have me do this.  It broke up the monotony, that’s for sure.  I’m near tears when I’m done with most of my workouts because I’m just BORED with doing the same sh*t everyday.

I’ll miss tomorrow cause of PT, but I’ll be back at it on Thursday and Friday.