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Monday September 19 – 163

I’m not doing well on the whole quitting smoking thing.  And to make it worse, I’m now out of patches until at least Friday when I get paid.  Will do my best throughout the week and recycle this one patch from today and hopefully I can get some time under my belt again *sigh*

The Trainer remembered to send me something pretty early.  I like it when that happens cause then I don’t have to remind him or come up with something myself.

20 step ups
20 one arm rows – each arm – 5#
20 sit ups
20 cal on bike – fast
5 rounds

It looked fairly easy on paper.  *ahem*  Yeah.  Not so much in reality.  I almost fell flat on my face during the step ups.  I didn’t lift my left foot high enough to the bench I was using and almost toppled over.  Ugh.  To make it worse?  One of the guys was down there *sigh* Oh well!  I didn’t fall so that’s all that matters!

The guys did Fight Gone Bad today and that is just brutal.  It’s an annual workout/charity thing the Crossfit community does.
3 rounds of:
1 min wall ball – 10 foot target (20#)
1 min Sumo deadlift high pull – 75#
1 min box jumps 20″ box
1 min push press – 75#
1 min on bike (fast) for calories
1 min rest

17 minutes of death if you ask me.  You combine all your reps and the calories on the bike for your total score.  Disgusting!  They tried to get me to do it, but ummm yeah.  The one day I’m grateful my wing is still broken.  lol

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