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Wednesday September 21 – 164

Apparently, I hurt myself more than I thought when I fell forward during those step ups the other day.  My left knee and left wrist were raging all day yesterday and my knee ended up swelling.  I skipped my workout, came home and iced the knee all night.

It felt great today until I saw what the Trainer wrote on the white board for me.  *sigh*

20 lunges
20 sit ups
20 cal on bike
7 rounds

7 rounds?  Really?  Probably going to start giving me sh*t like this to work it up to 10 rounds of sh*t like this.  Holy crap.  As he walked away from the white board, he said “have fun with that one.”  He was laughing as he went upstairs after hearing me cuss him out.

This workout was fairly easy to do, even though it doesn’t look easy on paper.  The lunges got to me in round 6, but I finished all 7 rounds and it only took me 35 minutes for the entire thing.  Next time, I can work at going a little faster to beat that time.

I feel like I keep typing “headache” in place of workout.  This workout gave me a massive, raging headache right behind my right eye and temple.  Holy crap!  It went away by the time I got home though, but dang it hurt!

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