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Thursday September 22 Day 165 and Friday September 23 Day 166

I forgot to post yesterday for some reason.  You’d think I’d remember it since I do it everyday.  Oh well!

Thursday Day 165 –
5 stair runs
50 cal on bike
3 rounds – fast

I took the fast and pretended it wasn’t there, but I did the entire workout and it kicked my butt.  But I realized I didn’t struggle with my breathing like I normally do when he gives me shit like that.

Friday Day 166

He had not gotten back to me by 2:30, so I texted him and said that if I half assed a workout today, it would be his fault because he keeps forgetting to send me stuff.  HA!  Holy crap was that a bad move.

100 squats
100 lunges
100 sit ups
100 Russian Twists
100 cal on bike

o_O Seriously?  Actually it didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would, but don’t get me wrong….it hurt.

Someone remind me to stop taunting him like that when he forgets to send me stuff.  kthx

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