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Monday September 26 – Day 167

I sent a text to The Trainer pretty early asking for a workout.  I let him know that I’m skipping today (Tuesday) so to make it difficult if he feels like it.

In a way, I think he listened.  In another way, not so much.  It looked harder on paper than it actually was to do.  Although, I’m sure my thighs would disagree after doing all those squats!

100 sit ups
100 Russian twists
100 squats
100 (total) one arm rows – light weight
2 rounds

Not too bad.  My shoulder didn’t like the rows today, but I made it through without killing myself.  One of the guys who is on a 40 hour schedule now and works out everyday told me he would see me “tomorrow” I told him nope, I’m skipping it tomorrow.  I think his jaw hit the floor.  I am always working out Monday through Friday after 4pm.  It’s a rare day for me to skip a day.

I’ll be back at it tomorrow!

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