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Archive for October, 2011

Monday October 31 – Day 189

I never heard back from him, so I made it up as I went and this is what I ended up doing:

50 box jumps (18″)
40 sit ups
30 squats
20 cal on bike
10 (each arm – 20 total) one arm rows (10#)

And then I did another 30 calories on the bike and 20 box jumps.

Not too bad, but I feel like I half assed it.

Friday October 28 – Day 188

I went into today feeling beat up, chewed up and spit out.  I don’t know why I was dragging ass so badly, but I was.

I asked him to send me something for today and found out that he was working today, so he’d get to kick my butt in person again like when he’s on duty on his regular days.

50 calories on bike (ugh!)
25 sit ups (awesome!)
50 Russian twists (OMG)
4 rounds

Apparently, that whole “my legs feel like bricks and they burn” feeling while I’m on the bike is what is supposed to happen while I’m on the bike.  Imagine my disappointment with that.  HA!  Also, he had me use the medicine ball (12#) during the Russian twists.  Yuck.  Those hurt.

I am incredibly happy it’s Friday and I get to rest for two days.

Wednesday October 26 Day 186 and Thursday October 27 Day 187


I had such a long, busy day yesterday, I forgot to post here.  I was out of the house from 7am until 945pm, so I went straight to bed.

100 calories on bike
5 stair runs
3 rounds

He wrong “push it” so I did it as fast as I could.  All things considered on how freaking hard cardio focused workouts are for me, I did it all and I wanted to puke.


He got a little fussy about the smoking yesterday, which I knew he would make me suffer in my workout today too.  He did not disappoint.

20 step ups (w/10# in each hand)
20 sit ups
5 stair runs
4 rounds

Yeah.  My legs were shaky during the 2nd round of step ups.  I cheated and only did 4 stair runs for the last 2 rounds, but I did the rest.  Blech.

Tuesday October 25 – Day 184

My legs are killing me from all those squats and lunges yesterday, added onto the stairs and bike from yesterday as well.  Holy freaking soreness!

deadlifts (light weight)
alt v ups
step ups

YAY!  I did 35 pounds on the deadlifts, only cause I’m worried about hurting myself with the shoulder still being wonky.  However, 35 pounds was too light, if you ask me.  I’m reigning myself in though and doing exactly what The Trainer and the Physical Therapist instruct me to do.

It felt awesome actually doing deadlifts again.  Even if it was a low weight, I felt like I was actually doing something!  Although, my legs hurt even worse than they did before I started.

This was a quick workout and I ended up doing it in less than 9 minutes.

Monday October 24 – Day 183

Since I missed both Thursday and Friday, since I was on vacation, I was really ready for my workout today at 4pm.  Or so I thought.

After my workout Wednesday, I asked The Trainer if it was supposed to make my back hurt, which it’s not supposed to.  I told him today it felt like I had done a deadlift.  Well I remembered WHY it felt like I did a deadlift, because I did!  DUH!  Oh well.  At least I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong with the jumps.  He also led me to believe the fact I was using my arms to kind of propel myself up and forward is normal and okay.

Today’s torture….I mean workout:

10 stair runs
100 sit ups
100 squats
100 lunges
100 cal on bike

Yeah.  I’d say he’s fussy about me still smoking.  I can’t blame him I guess.  If I can’t walk tomorrow, though, I will blame him.  Forcefully!

My how time flies….

The next few days will have me flying down memory lane.  Four years ago today, I drove out of my hometown headed towards my new life here in Louisville.  I have fond memories of my trip across the country.  It was a four day road trip with a very good friend and it was the beginning of an evolution of myself that I’m quite happy with.

I took some time yesterday, after I renewed my driver’s license, to cruise through some of those memories here on this blog, reading about the road trip and the first few weeks here in the Ville.  I’ve come a long way.  I’ve struggled, I’ve fallen down, I’ve stood back up and kept walking.  I’ve brushed myself off so many times, it’s amazing I’m still here.  Four years later and I’m reflecting about how far I’ve come.

Sitting here today, I don’t realize how very much has happened to me when I first moved here, and over the course of the years since I’ve been here.  However, after reading those blog posts yesterday, it’s amazing to me I’ve stuck it out.  I was pretty miserable for awhile.  So much crap was thrown in my way, I almost gave in and ran home.  I didn’t though.  I am here, in this town, for a reason.  I realized that when I found out Rex was buried here after I got here.  Not every day you move into the town (without realizing it) where one of the loves of your life is buried.  Not coincidence.

I vividly remember when the movers finally showed up to deliver my stuff.  I vividly remember that because I’m still bitter about the couch.  I’m sure I’ll get over it someday, but until then, I’m bitter about that moving company.  I read about how worried I was about finding a job.  I vaguely remember worrying about that at the time.  I read about how the stairs in that first apartment kicked my butt.  I vaguely remember that.

Reading the posts reminded me of Ms. Gold Tooth and the crazy she brought to the building.  I was reminded of the creepy neighbor guy who lived there before her.  I was reminded of how Chloe and Josie would drive me crazy barking over nothing as they too adjusted to our new surroundings.   I was reminded that almost immediately upon moving here, my allergies exploded and it’s been a four year battle with those.

As I sit here relaxing before leaving for my GA meeting, I think back on those four days of the road trip and I smile.  It was an experience of a life time and I’m grateful I got to experience that.  I keep those memories locked up in a little memory box inside my head and heart.

Moving out of Las Vegas was one of the best tings I’ve ever done for myself.  I’ve grown more emotionally in the last four years than I ever thought possible.

Yes, I still struggle.  A lot.  But no one ever promised me life would be easy, just worth it.

Until next time…

Wednesday October 19 – Day 182

I sent the Trainer a text pretty early to send me something and he said he would.  A few hours later (just before noon) he sent me this:

box jumps (20″ box)
step ups w/weight (15# in each hand)
25 cal on bike between each round

I lost it.  I was so beside myself I didn’t know what to do.  I had never, ever done a box jump.  Shit, the highest I’ve jumped as an adult was to do a jump squat and that’s usually about 3-4 inches – if that! The other time I jump is during jump ropes and that is not even 2 inches off the ground.  And here he wanted me, a first timer in box jumping to do 20″?  Seriously?  And he wanted me to do it fast?  Now I know he’s smoking crack or something.

I immediately hit Google and found this fantastic article about conquering the fear of box jumps.  She goes into GREAT detail about how to psych yourself up for doing it.

I took her advice from #2 specifically and focused on this nail that was on the top of the box in the middle.  I wanted to plant my feet right there.  For the most part, I did just that.  I nailed it.  A few times when I first started, I fell forward and caught myself with my right wrist.  But for the most of the workout, once I got out of my own way and pushed that mental fear of breaking something aside, I did them.

I can’t tell you how accomplished I feel in doing those.  I completed the entire workout and I have not felt this proud about that in quite some time.  It’s been awhile since he threw something new into the mix, especially with my shoulder being lame-o, can’t do much new stuff.  The box jumps threw me for a loop for sure, but I did it!  woohoo!

Now I’m going to enjoy my four day weekend and do nothing.

Monday October 17 – Day 180 and Tuesday October 18 – Day 181

I could hardly think straight when I got home last night after my workout.  I had a migraine and I just did not feel well.  I was in bed by 8pm.

Monday – Day 180

25 cal on bike
25 sit ups
50 step ups on 20″ box
25 Russian twists
4 rounds

Disgusting.  Especially the step ups.  Usually, I’ve been using one of the benches in the gym, which is about 12 inches.  Now, adding 8 inches to that step up was horrendous to say the least, but I did them all!  And I felt accomplished when I finished.  And then I got a migraine….

Tuesday – Day 181

2 stair runs
25 cal on bike
50 sit ups
3 rounds

Not too bad, but the stairs kicked my butt.  He doesn’t give me stairs very often anymore, so when he does I kind of struggle with them.  But I’m getting faster on the bike, which is a good thing.  I’m sure I still have tons of work to do.

Time to relax for the rest of the evening.

Bullet point updates

  • Shoulder is healing up, but it’ll be another 4 or 5 weeks before I can lift more than 5 pounds (that my therapist knows about anyway).
  • I’m allowed to do one arm rows with 5 pounds and I do that a lot.  If The Trainer doesn’t put them in my workout, I do them here at home with 3# weights.
  • Work is going decently.  Do I have complaints?  Yes.  Yes I do, but I keep them off this blog, Facebook and anywhere coworkers linger.
  • I want the new iPhone so badly I could cry.  However, I don’t get an upgrade discount until April so I suffer with the crappy Blackberry battery life and move on.
  • *IF* I come into some money before April, I can guarantee you I’ll upgrade sooner.  But since I don’t see that happening anytime soon, I’ll be counting down the days.
  • Apparently, I have a “bullpen.”  This is according to Dr. Drew’s show.  I’m okay with that cause it tells me I’m playing the dating game better than I have before.  Nothing serious and nothing major, just fun and good times for me.
  • My financial life is slowly, but surely, getting into order.  I get one thing caught up to have something else come up.  I get that caught up, just to have something else push me down.  I’m working on it and I’ve got a plan.  As long as I follow that plan, I’ll be okay.  Here’s hoping more shit doesn’t hit the fan and I get knocked on my ass too many more times.  It’s frustrating.  And scary.  I eat a lot of ramen noodles.  Good thing I like those things.
  • I took two days off at the end of this week coming up.  Specifically so I can sleep in and do nothing.  It will also save me gas on driving 32 miles per day to and from work.  There’s a method to my madness.
  • I was upset the Yankees didn’t get into the ALCS.  However, I’m quite happy the Rangers are going to the WS and not the Tigers.  Yes.  I cheered for the Rangers specifically because the Tigers beat the Yankees and I didn’t want them to get to the Series.  I’m a petty fan like that.  I don’t cheer for the team who beats my favorite team.  Just won’t happen.
  • WWF is on Facebook now and I have eleventy billion games going.  How do people actually get shit done when they are constantly playing their turns in WWF?  Seriously!
  • I’m slowly cleaning and de-cluttering this apartment.  I moved here with the equivalent of a 3 bedroom home into a 2 bedroom apartment then into a 1 bedroom apartment.  I still have enough shit for a 3 bedroom.  Driving me batshit crazy.
  • I’m stuck in this apartment for another year due to finances and not being able to get a newer place or one closer to work.  I need to get okay with that in my head and do what I can do.
  • The neighborhood has gone downhill quite a bit since I moved here 4 years ago.  Not digging it!  It’s also on the complete opposite end of town than any of my friends and coworkers.  I don’t like that.
  • I’m pretty happy with where my life is right now.  Even with all the crap happening around me and to me.  I’m content and quite grateful for what I do have.  In a perfect world, none of us would have to suffer financial difficulty, emotional turmoil, physical pain, etc.  Acceptance isn’t easy and I work on it daily, but I’m there right now for today.

Until next time…

Friday October 14 – Day 179

I thought for sure he was going to forget.  I had even made up my own workout.  As I was walking downstairs to get some water before my workout, my phone buzzed that I had a text.  It was him.  I threw a mini fit/temper tantrum, but ended up thinking he went kind of light on me.  Maybe cause it’s Friday?

100 cal on bike
100 squats
100 sit ups
100 light one arm rows 5#

Easy peasy! Although my legs were still sore from the rest of the week’s workouts, I didn’t do too badly on time either.  I’m pleased with my workouts of the week.  Even though I got my a$$ kicked pretty good.