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Monday October 17 – Day 180 and Tuesday October 18 – Day 181

I could hardly think straight when I got home last night after my workout.  I had a migraine and I just did not feel well.  I was in bed by 8pm.

Monday – Day 180

25 cal on bike
25 sit ups
50 step ups on 20″ box
25 Russian twists
4 rounds

Disgusting.  Especially the step ups.  Usually, I’ve been using one of the benches in the gym, which is about 12 inches.  Now, adding 8 inches to that step up was horrendous to say the least, but I did them all!  And I felt accomplished when I finished.  And then I got a migraine….

Tuesday – Day 181

2 stair runs
25 cal on bike
50 sit ups
3 rounds

Not too bad, but the stairs kicked my butt.  He doesn’t give me stairs very often anymore, so when he does I kind of struggle with them.  But I’m getting faster on the bike, which is a good thing.  I’m sure I still have tons of work to do.

Time to relax for the rest of the evening.

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