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Wednesday October 19 – Day 182

I sent the Trainer a text pretty early to send me something and he said he would.  A few hours later (just before noon) he sent me this:

box jumps (20″ box)
step ups w/weight (15# in each hand)
25 cal on bike between each round

I lost it.  I was so beside myself I didn’t know what to do.  I had never, ever done a box jump.  Shit, the highest I’ve jumped as an adult was to do a jump squat and that’s usually about 3-4 inches – if that! The other time I jump is during jump ropes and that is not even 2 inches off the ground.  And here he wanted me, a first timer in box jumping to do 20″?  Seriously?  And he wanted me to do it fast?  Now I know he’s smoking crack or something.

I immediately hit Google and found this fantastic article about conquering the fear of box jumps.  She goes into GREAT detail about how to psych yourself up for doing it.

I took her advice from #2 specifically and focused on this nail that was on the top of the box in the middle.  I wanted to plant my feet right there.  For the most part, I did just that.  I nailed it.  A few times when I first started, I fell forward and caught myself with my right wrist.  But for the most of the workout, once I got out of my own way and pushed that mental fear of breaking something aside, I did them.

I can’t tell you how accomplished I feel in doing those.  I completed the entire workout and I have not felt this proud about that in quite some time.  It’s been awhile since he threw something new into the mix, especially with my shoulder being lame-o, can’t do much new stuff.  The box jumps threw me for a loop for sure, but I did it!  woohoo!

Now I’m going to enjoy my four day weekend and do nothing.

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