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My how time flies….

The next few days will have me flying down memory lane.  Four years ago today, I drove out of my hometown headed towards my new life here in Louisville.  I have fond memories of my trip across the country.  It was a four day road trip with a very good friend and it was the beginning of an evolution of myself that I’m quite happy with.

I took some time yesterday, after I renewed my driver’s license, to cruise through some of those memories here on this blog, reading about the road trip and the first few weeks here in the Ville.  I’ve come a long way.  I’ve struggled, I’ve fallen down, I’ve stood back up and kept walking.  I’ve brushed myself off so many times, it’s amazing I’m still here.  Four years later and I’m reflecting about how far I’ve come.

Sitting here today, I don’t realize how very much has happened to me when I first moved here, and over the course of the years since I’ve been here.  However, after reading those blog posts yesterday, it’s amazing to me I’ve stuck it out.  I was pretty miserable for awhile.  So much crap was thrown in my way, I almost gave in and ran home.  I didn’t though.  I am here, in this town, for a reason.  I realized that when I found out Rex was buried here after I got here.  Not every day you move into the town (without realizing it) where one of the loves of your life is buried.  Not coincidence.

I vividly remember when the movers finally showed up to deliver my stuff.  I vividly remember that because I’m still bitter about the couch.  I’m sure I’ll get over it someday, but until then, I’m bitter about that moving company.  I read about how worried I was about finding a job.  I vaguely remember worrying about that at the time.  I read about how the stairs in that first apartment kicked my butt.  I vaguely remember that.

Reading the posts reminded me of Ms. Gold Tooth and the crazy she brought to the building.  I was reminded of the creepy neighbor guy who lived there before her.  I was reminded of how Chloe and Josie would drive me crazy barking over nothing as they too adjusted to our new surroundings.   I was reminded that almost immediately upon moving here, my allergies exploded and it’s been a four year battle with those.

As I sit here relaxing before leaving for my GA meeting, I think back on those four days of the road trip and I smile.  It was an experience of a life time and I’m grateful I got to experience that.  I keep those memories locked up in a little memory box inside my head and heart.

Moving out of Las Vegas was one of the best tings I’ve ever done for myself.  I’ve grown more emotionally in the last four years than I ever thought possible.

Yes, I still struggle.  A lot.  But no one ever promised me life would be easy, just worth it.

Until next time…

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