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Monday October 24 – Day 183

Since I missed both Thursday and Friday, since I was on vacation, I was really ready for my workout today at 4pm.  Or so I thought.

After my workout Wednesday, I asked The Trainer if it was supposed to make my back hurt, which it’s not supposed to.  I told him today it felt like I had done a deadlift.  Well I remembered WHY it felt like I did a deadlift, because I did!  DUH!  Oh well.  At least I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong with the jumps.  He also led me to believe the fact I was using my arms to kind of propel myself up and forward is normal and okay.

Today’s torture….I mean workout:

10 stair runs
100 sit ups
100 squats
100 lunges
100 cal on bike

Yeah.  I’d say he’s fussy about me still smoking.  I can’t blame him I guess.  If I can’t walk tomorrow, though, I will blame him.  Forcefully!

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