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Tuesday October 25 – Day 184

My legs are killing me from all those squats and lunges yesterday, added onto the stairs and bike from yesterday as well.  Holy freaking soreness!

deadlifts (light weight)
alt v ups
step ups

YAY!  I did 35 pounds on the deadlifts, only cause I’m worried about hurting myself with the shoulder still being wonky.  However, 35 pounds was too light, if you ask me.  I’m reigning myself in though and doing exactly what The Trainer and the Physical Therapist instruct me to do.

It felt awesome actually doing deadlifts again.  Even if it was a low weight, I felt like I was actually doing something!  Although, my legs hurt even worse than they did before I started.

This was a quick workout and I ended up doing it in less than 9 minutes.

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